Inaugural review with a damn good brew
A Review of Wee Heavy-er by French Broad Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/3/2011 by Chops
Considering all of the beers in my current favorites list, I never thought that my first brew review would be something I've never had. Nevertheless, I'm happy that I'm keeping it local to my own state of NC. I was fortunate enough to visit French Broad Brewing Co. last year on the Asheville, NC ''Brews Cruise'' (lots of fun, highly recommend it). French Broad puts out very unique and hard to immediately classify beers, which I really appreciate. I can see how any standard domestic lover would be put off by the flavors, but they're not exactly the target audience anyway, so I assume they don't give a rat's ass.

I had the Wee Heavy-er on a whim today, was killing some time and dropped by Wholefoods for a quick random one-off beer selection. I sat outside in the sun and busted it open. My first impression was that the aroma wasn't very prominent. I had to struggle to find something there. It smelled kind of sweet and wasn't abrasive. The first sip was interesting, not very front heavy and ended up tasting like a full flavored brown ale. The mouthfeel wasn't what I would call pleasant. It felt almost gritty or dirty. Course, it's a Scotch Ale, what the hell do you expect? Those beers definitely have hairy balls. Once I got past the first few sips, the beer actually became quite pleasant to drink. I would definitely purchase more. The only con is the lingering and slightly bitter aftertaste. It stays with you for a while, so if you don't like the beer, you'll like it even less later.

But overall, French Broad's Wee Heavy-er is a delightful Scotch Ale. Well done French Broad, you continue to impress with your tasty brews.

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Wee Heavy-er by French Broad Brewing Co.
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