A beer from the bayou
A Review of Turbodog by Abita Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/2/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
So if you are anything like me, when you think of Louisiana you have thoughts of Cajun food, the bayou, New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and so on. What you probably don't think of is it being the home of some pretty tasty beer. Well just a few miles north of New Orleans is the city of Abita Springs, which is home to Abita Brewing Company where several great beers get their start. Recently I took the time to sit down and have an enjoyable session with Turbodog, one of their year round offerings.

In the glass it has a mahogany coloration that, when held up to a light source, gives off some deep ruby red hues. A thick, almost rocky, head forms on a standard pour, and it hangs around for several minutes before diminishing down to a simple film on top. Getting your nose in close allows you to pick up an overall roasted smell that, after a bit of warming time, allows you to detect some more direct aromas of chocolate, toffee, rich caramel, thin alcohol, and some sturdy earthy hops. For a fairly mainstream brown ale, Turbodog really does have an impressive bouquet.

Luckily for all of us, the flavor train follows very closely to the nose. All of the malt flavors carry a continuous roasted feel to them, but in their own rights, they manage to have some individuality as well. The chocolate has a peppery quality, while the toffee seems to be highlighted by a touch of plum. The earthy hops provide a nice tingle on the tongue pretty much from beginning to end. With a mouthfeel that lands almost smack in the middle of medium, and a slightly sweet aftertaste, this one ends up being a very enjoyable and tasty brew.

While this particular session isn't my first with Turbodog, it still put a smile on my face just like the first time I had it. Granted there are other brown ales out there that might rank a little higher on my list, but I still won't allow that to take away from the fact that Abita Brewing has a nice version in their camp. All levels of drinkers could easily enjoy this one with little to no hesitation. It's a full flavored easy drinker that is a constant reminder to me of all the great things that Louisiana has to offer.

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Turbodog by Abita Brewing Co.
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