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A Review of Supa Hero by Clown Shoes Beer
Posted on 8/5/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
A few days back, me and a couple of buddies stopped off at a local establishment to do what any good craft brew lover should have been doing on that exact same day. We were going to raise a glass in honor of National IPA Day. In my mind I had already had the debate of if I was going to choose an IPA that I had enjoyed before, or if I was going to take a walk on the IPA wild side and let the bartender choose for me. Seeing as how I always encourage people to take a chance when the opportunity presents itself, once at the establishment, I walked right up to the bar and said ''Surprise me with an IPA.'' After just a few minutes of waiting time, the bartender returned with a glass of Supa Hero from Clown Shoes Beer.

In the glass, Supa Hero has a very aged, dark copper coloration and comes with about a fingers worth of creamy off white head. When you get your nose in close to it, the aromas that you notice would be no surprise for anyone of the style. Some pine resin and grapefruit notes stick out more than anything else initially, but with a bit of warming time, some more lighter notes of faint caramel malts come through along with a bit of lemon zest. In a few fleeting moments, some light bready highlights push through, and once or twice you might even notice a whiff of orange juice.

When going in for the first taste, there really are no surprises. The flavor train follows the nose rather closely, and never really disappoints or impresses either way. In other words, the impression you get is somewhat average, but still pretty drinkable. The pine resin is again upfront, and the caramel adds a good, sweet balance to it. One can't help but want a little more from both of them, but they still are in the realm of acceptable even if it is only by the slightest margins. The grapefruit makes itself known about midway through, and again it just seemed to be...weak. Maybe a better way of describing it would be to think of it as coming across as watered down. I actually think that is a really good way to look at it. All of the flavors one expects are there, but they just seem to be lacking the punch one might expect. The mouthfeel is a bit thin, but the carbonation level is pretty acceptable, and the aftertaste has just the slightest hint of caramel mixed with grapefruit juice.

So on National IPA Day, I feel as though I could have done better than Supa Hero, but I also know for a fact I could have done a lot worse. Clown Shoes Beer has a really good story behind their creation, and I highly suggest that you do a bit of research on them sometime. They say their goal is to make unpretentious beer, while being free and a little crazy. For that I take my hat off to them. They in no way have made a bad beer here. I just feel as though it fell a bit in that crowded middle ground of ''good, but not great beers''. So with that I say if you see it, beginners and experts alike, feel free to take it for a spin. Beginners might view it as a nice bridge or intro beer, while the experts would no doubt view it as a no-thinker drinker. Just like any other super hero, Supa Hero is out to do no harm, and in that we can all take solace.

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Supa Hero by Clown Shoes Beer
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