Satisfying those summer cravings
A Review of Frankenmuth Hefeweizen by Frankenmuth Brewery
Posted on 6/27/2011 by Chops
My summer of lighter brew exploration continues with a hefeweizen from Frankenmuth Brewery. I do enjoy the occasional hefe, but two criteria have to be met before I do. First, it has to be hot as hell outside. Second, I have to be craving something on the sweet side. Both conditions are met at this very moment, so I busted open this tasty looking brew.

Once in the glass, this brew takes on a darker straw, almost warm yellow coloration. It has a very clean haze to it with no obvious yeasty floaters. It's one of the cleanest looking unfiltered brews I've ever seen. (How do you do that?) Unfortunately I couldn't get very much from the aroma. It seemed rather thin and bordered on lager territory at first. I took several more deep whiffs before going into that first taste. Nothing substantial ever reared it's head, but I was able to pick out some faint banana and herbal undertones.

Luckily that first taste was a winner. The front end is a very nice creamy banana flavor that slowly settles into a crisp citrus. The finish is also very clean, leaving behind several savory herbal notes. The taste is very crisp for a hefeweizen, which was quite a refreshing change. It drinks a lot more like a cream ale than a wheat, very smooth and easy to manage. It has a very balanced taste, so I wouldn't taint it with a fruit garnish. Just enjoy it like it is.

Overall, Frankenmuth's Hefeweizen is a delightful beer. It is easy to drink and very unassuming. It's a great beer to enjoy at the beach or on the front porch. I can recommend this beer to any level of beer drinker. Novices will find it very flavorful and refreshing. Seasoned drinkers will find it to be a very nice lounge brew. There are many higher quality hefeweizens out there, but I doubt this beer cares about contending. I get the impression that Frankenmuth just wanted to create a tasty well-rounded brew to satisfy those summer cravings. And in that arena, they certainly did. Well done 'muth.

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Frankenmuth Hefeweizen by Frankenmuth Brewery
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