An IPA to drink all day
A Review of Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 9/12/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
If I were to mention the name ''Flying Dog Brewing Company'', I'm sure a few thoughts and words would instantly pop into your mind. Words like ''edgy'' and ''aggressive'' are what first come to mind, while ''boundary pushing'' and ''stylistic freedom'' follow shortly after. It is a reputation that Flying Dog has not only earned, but one that they wear with pride. But what about ''sessionable'' or ''palate pleasing''? Honestly, those are at best way down on most peoples lists, no? Well, I used to be one of those who thought that way until I came across the Snake Dog IPA.

In the glass Snake Dog has a copper orange coloration, and with it comes two fingers worth of bright white bubbly head. Getting your nose in the glass allows you to pick up what can only be described as a mixture of orange, grapefruit and lime juices. Nothing ever pushes its way fully to the front, but there is a nice herbal undertone that seems to carry them all to the nostrils. A bit of sweet malt grains seems to be laying just beneath the surface, as if to offer up a bit of a peace offering for all the upfront citrus that greets you.

Now seeing as how this is an IPA from Flying Dog, one might go in to it with a preconceived notion that your tongue is about to get twisted into knots. I know I did. So you can imagine my surprise when I went in for the first taste and was pleasantly surprised by its rather calm nature. Sure, there was a bit of a hops tingle on the tongue right off the bat, but never did it turn into an all out attack. The flavor stuck very close to the nose with the citrus blend coming through first, and then a bit of an herbal pine taste started to work its way through. Towards the end of the flavor train, some slightly sweet biscuit malts make themselves known, and then it just sort of fades away. No real lingering aftertaste remains other than just the faintest of hints of sticky citrus.

Finding an IPA that is tasty and sessionable is not an easy task these days. Finding one that is tasty and sessionable and sports the Flying Dog Brewing Company pedigree would seem to be damn near impossible. But thanks to the Snake Dog IPA, the impossible has been made possible, and yummy. I would probably chalk this one up in the ''it has a place for all levels of drinkers'' category, as it would make for a great bridge beer for those looking to test the IPA waters, and also a great session IPA for those with a little more experience under their belts.

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Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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