Bring on that bird
A Review of Dominion Baltic Porter by Old Dominion Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/22/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
So, Thanksgiving is upon us. And while I know that many of you will indulge in a couple of tasty pumpkin brews during your holiday feast at some point, I also know that none of you have to deal with my family while doing so. Now don't get me wrong. I love my family, and would probably even drink a Bud Light if it meant saving one of them, but they are crazy. No, seriously. At least once a year for the past several years, when there is a family reunion, the cops end up involved. There are numerous stories, most of which could bring you to tears with laughter, but the lesson learned from all of them is that a little liquid lubrication to aide in the madness management is never a bad idea. And to be real honest, while there is never a bad time to enjoy some type of yummy pumpkin beer, today really calls for something with a bit more of a punch in both the flavor and ABV departments. So while standing in front of my collection at 10am this morning, one beer in particular seemed to call out to me. Never one to ignore the call of the speaking brew, I reached out and grabbed the Dominion Baltic Porter from Old Dominion Brewing Company.

When I poured it into my glass, I noticed its very dark brown, almost black coloration. A pumpkin beer it was not! A bubbly tan head formed when the pour was finished, but quickly dissipated down to nothing more than a thinly dusted cap resting lightly on top. Right from the start, the most noticeable aroma was a burnt cocoa powder smell. Considering the fact that the Dominion Baltic Porter is a seasonal winter beer, this smell is not out of the ordinary at all. To be quite honest, it was going down the perfect road for what I was looking for. Upon a bit more digging there were some more lighter layers of dark chocolate and toffee, and dancing between them were some nice pops of caramel, licorice, and alcohol.

Now I never like to read a brewery's description of their beer before I give it an unbiased session simply due to the fact that I want to let my eyes and nose and tongue have their own go at it first. Such was the case here, but after a few minutes of warming time I was forced to see what Old Dominion had to say about things because I was detecting a bit of Rye floating around in the glass as well. Sure enough, they had picked up on it as well, so high five to my seemingly well honed senses for being on point. Being quite pleased with my detective skills, I decided it was time to see what my tongue had to say about things.

The first taste was dominated by the slightly burnt, and what most might refer to as roasted, cocoa powder flavor. It was rather enjoyable, and was complimented nicely by a bit of grittiness in the mouthfeel department. It was almost as if you were actually drinking some halfway dissolved cocoa powder that had retained a bit of its texture. On its way out it welcomed a more chocolate forward layer that had some bitter sweet qualities and managed to bring up mental images of a chocolate malt. The lighter notes of toffee and caramel that were detected in the nose were not as prevalent in the flavor department, but they still managed to make some random appearances throughout the session. With a body that comes across as medium to thin, and a carbonation level landing just a bit above medium, what you end up having is a highly sessionable and flavorful brew in your glass.

I have sang the praises of several of the Old Dominion Brewing Company offerings before, so it might come as a bit of overkill for me to do the same with their Dominion Baltic Porter. So that being said, get ready for some overkill my friends because once again Old Dominion has delivered a winner. Dominion Baltic Porter is full of delicious flavor, has a high level of drinkability, and would satisfy any drinker looking for something to sink their teeth into without having said teeth knocked down their throat. Take it from someone who was in desperate need of just that to start what can only be described as a day full of head splitting family time. This one started the day off just right, and now all I can say is bring on that bird!

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Dominion Baltic Porter by Old Dominion Brewing Co.
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