Bubbly Delight
A Review of Crispin Original by Crispin Cider Co.
Posted on 11/5/2011 by La-di-dada
A crisp, refreshing beverage is exactly what I wanted after an entire day of lifting boxes, climbing ladders, and moving furniture in preparation for my school library's book fair. After school, I met my fellow teachers at Tyler's to decompress after teaching middle school all week. I had been looking forward to my pear salad all day, but what to drink...?

And then I saw it. Crispin. On tap. Mmmmm. The tall glass. The ice. The bubbles. The apple aroma. And the perfect soulmate for a pear salad with Gorgonzola and candied walnuts, the two of them made sweet, sweet love on my taste buds.

Like my pal Doc Sally, I do love a good cider -- the sweet, robust ones as well as the dry, delicate ones. As its name suggests, Crispin has a crisp, refined taste that is quite like that of champaigne. Its heavy carbonation makes this an especially refreshing beverage that tastes more like a seltzer than a cider. As much as I enjoy its unfettered flavor, I would prefer an apple essence that isn't quite so subtle.

Overall, however, Crispin is the most delicious cider I've had in ages. I raved about it so much, my companions all ordered one of their own.

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Crispin Original by Crispin Cider Co.
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