The unenviable decision
Posted on 8/8/2012 by Brew's Your Daddy
My guess is that if you are a better beer drinker, you have undoubtedly faced the following scenario: You are at a social gathering with friends. You look in the fridge or cooler and a feeling of disgust comes over you as you realize that the only thing looking back at you is the dreaded garbage beer stockpile. Admit it. Your stomach just turned a little as the memories started rushing back. No worries though. We all feel a shared pain. My main reason for bringing this up is to ask the question ''What then?''

I mean think about it. Whats the proper plan of action? You are suddenly faced with a decision that could not only affect your once perceived awesome evening with friends, but also the way people might view you in the future. Do you throw a tantrum as you loudly proclaim ''What the hell? Who decided to get nothing but toilet swill for beer?'', and automatically become the full embodiment of the stereotypical beer snob? Perhaps you just politely decline any drinking for the evening and try to make the best of things? Do you take one for the team and just force a few down like bad cough medicine? Or do you just start bringing your own brews to every social gathering simply to avoid even running the slightest chance of being faced with this unthinkable occurence?

I dont know if there even is a right or wrong answer here, but I would love to hear from others on the topic. And if you feel like sharing a story or two in the process, we would all be more than happy to relish in some of your past suffering.

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