Ale to the Chief, White House Beer
Posted on 9/19/2012 by Chops
It wasn't too long ago that we learned President Obama likes to brew his own beer at the White House and became the first president in history to do so. Inspired by home brewers across the nation, he bought a beer kit for the kitchen, caught the brewing bug, and the rest is history. Course, I'm sure he has a guy for that at this point, but that garnered a fist full of cool points in my book. Regardless of how you view the man politically, we now have a president that brews beer and I think that's pretty damn cool.

Once news of this hit the internet, home brewers from across the nation wanted to get a hold of the recipes. After much pleading and even a petition on We the People, the White House finally released them (link below). The menu includes a Honey Brown Ale, Honey Porter, and Honey Blonde, all of which use natural honey from an on-premise beehive. Again, wicked cool.

White House Beer Recipe : Click Here

I have no point to make or no specific question to ask. I just thought it was an interesting story and wanted to open it up to a friendly discussion. Have any home brewers brewed and/or tried the White House recipes?

And please remember that we're just talking beer, not politics. Keep the feces throwing to a minimum.

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