What was your beer geek birthday?
Posted on 10/25/2012 by Chops
Every beer geek has a birthday. This is the magical moment when you realize that your craft beer palate has been fully activated. No beer novice just decides to start drinking Imperial IPAs on a whim. There is always a path to enlightenment and the stepping stones are different for every beer geek. That being said, most beer geeks have remarkably similar origin stories. It usually goes something like this:

They start out drinking the bargain basement mass-produced swill water. They eventually stumble across one of the trailblazers of craft beer (Samuel Adams, Sierra Nevada, etc.) and begin to wonder why all the big brands taste like ass sweat. Curiosity leads them to discover their first craft beer love, which becomes their new refrigerator staple. Their craft beer mind begins to expand. From there it's a continued series of "wow" moments until the wheels of craft beer interest are properly greased. Then one day it happens: they experience their first world-class beer with the understanding of why it is so. Choirs of beer angels sing and a new craft beer geek is born.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to open up the origin discussion. What were your gateway beers? What was your beer geek birthday? I'll get things started with my own origin story:

1) Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
The beer that got me off of Michelob Ultra. My very first beer love.

2) Rogue Dead Guy Ale
The beer that opened my eyes to the craft beer movement. My first beer obsession.

3) Chimay Blue
The beer that introduced me to big flavor and big strength. The first beer I completely respected.

4) Mac & Jack's African Amber
The beer that taught me to drink local. The first beer I personally identified with.

5) Ayinger Celebrator
My first eye-opening experience with a world-class beer. My official beer geek birthday.

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