Fill your Craft Beer Rescue Kit
Posted on 11/12/2012 by Chops
In a previous Chief Chat post (The unenviable decision), we discussed what to do when confronted by that most unenviable of decisions. You're in a friendly situation where crap beer is your only option. Do you take one for the team and choke down some shitty suds, or do you stand your ground as a craft beer fan and risk being labeled an elitist prick?

It was in the resulting discussion that an interesting option was floated: the Craft Beer Rescue Kit. This is comprised of six canned craft beers in a small six pack cooler. Since a growing number of craft beers come in those convenient aluminum cylinders, they are the perfect fallback option for crap beer situations. Plus, those small six-pack coolers are cheap and easily found in any major retail store. Bam! The Craft Beer Rescue Kit is born. So whenever you attend any social event where the beer situation is not fully ironed out, simply fill your CBRK and leave it in the car.

But the big question remains: what beers do you fill your CBRK with? We thought it would be great fun to pose this question to our members. Fill your kit! The rules are simple: the beers must be available in cans and you can only have up to six, in any combination you wish. I'll get things started with mine (which I actually use pretty regularly):

1) Dale's Pale Ale (Oskar Blues)
2) Gubna Imperial IPA (Oskar Blues)
3) G'Knight Imperial Red Ale (Oskar Blues)
4) East India Pale Ale (Brooklyn)
5) Avalanche Amber Ale (Breckenridge)
6) Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale (Triangle)

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