Brewer Bytes with Flying Dog Brewing Co.
An Interview with Matt Brophy, Brewmaster & COO
Posted on 9/17/2012 by Chops
In a craft beer world full of big and bold brews, it can be difficult for breweries to set themselves apart. Hop heads in particular are some of the most devoted and critical beer fans. They stand by their favorite breweries with a passion usually reserved for rabid sports fans. One of the better known hop head havens is the Flying Dog Brewery out of Frederick, MD. Brewmaster Matt Brophy has been creating palate punishing brews for many years and we can't thank him enough for it. Matt was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for BrewChief's Brewer Bytes.

What inspired you to get into brewing?

As a Junior in high school, I heard an interview with Charlie Papazian promoting his book "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" and I was inspired. I went out later that day to buy the book and starting brewing that weekend, beginning my brewing journey.

What was your best or most rewarding brewing experience?

Not so much "was" but "is"... I take a great deal of pride in leading a team of talented brewers every day.

What are your favorite beer styles?

I love hops, but if I'm not drinking something hoppy, I am most likely drinking something Belgian or Belgian influenced. Trappist, Saison, Flemish Red / Brown, etc.

What would you say to a beer snob who is hating on your beers?

I'd ask if they are finding technical flaws or if they just don't like the "style" or the particular "artistically interpretation" of agriculture products they had tried. Experimentation and innovation have been key to growth and development in the craft brewing community. To "hate" on this is short sighted and plays into the hands of industrialist brewers and their interests.

What is the best thing about being part of the beer industry?

The craft beer community continues to amaze me. It is great to be part of a culture that is so sharing, open, and supportive of industry veterans and newcomers alike.

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Matt Brophy, Flying Dog Brewmaster & COO
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