An introduction to Table Beer
A Review of Table for Two by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/11/2011 by Chops
Going into this review, I had absolutely no idea what a Table Beer was. And like with any brew enthusiast, that meant research time. I scoured the web for info, but oddly enough there was little to be found. The only decent definition I could find was the following:

Table Beer is a low-alcohol brew traditionally consumed by Belgians of all ages. Legally the alcohol content of table beer must be between 1% and 4% ABV, but most commercial examples are closer to 1%.

So going into Flying Dog's Table For Two, I'm already a little confused by the 5% ABV. Seems a bit strong for a Table Beer, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and dove right in. After all, I have zero experience with Table Beers, so the best I can do is compare it to other lighter Belgians.

In the glass, it has a light copper and almost honey-like appearance which is pretty typical of pale ales. There is very little haze to it and you can easily see through the glass. The aroma really threw me off and actually smelled more like a bland lager. I could pick out a slight touch of citrus, but little else. Not exactly what you expect for any Belgian in any category, so I have no idea what to think going into taste.

That first sip was also very odd and didn't really help matters. It might have been my lager expectation, but it tasted like little more than a standard lager. Luckily the beer warmed a bit half way through and I could pick out some honey and citrus notes. The hop profile is almost non-existent. I would assume that this beer is meant to be easy to drink, and it certainly is. The mouthfeel is smooth and soft, which would definitely be an all ages beer assuming we were in Belgium.

Overall, I think I can say that Flying Dog's Table For Two is a decent beer. And like I mentioned before, I have no frame of reference when it comes to Table Beer. But based on the little amount of info I could acquire, I guess it's a good representation of the style. Most seasoned brew enthusiasts will find it a little too airy and tame. Novices and lighter brew fans will find it a nice alternative to mass produced lagers.

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Table For Two by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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