Dude looks like a cider
A Review of Haywire Hefeweizen by Pyramid Breweries Inc.
Posted on 7/12/2011 by Chops
Every once in a while you will come across a beer that seems to have flavored itself straight out of beerdom. What I mean by that is beer might have defining flavors, but it should always taste like beer. At its core, beer has only a handful of ingredients (water, malt, hops, yeast) and when all is said and done, you should be able to taste those ingredients. So when I come across beers like Pyramid's Haywire Hefeweizen, I end up scratching my head in confusion.

This beer looks and smells like apple juice. It's not uncommon for a wheat based beer to smell fruity, but seriously, this beer smells exactly like apple juice. The appearance is crystal clear (filtered) with a darker straw coloration. There is no citrus or hop aroma to be found, so I was a bit perplexed going into that first sip. My brain is telling me that I'm about to drink apple juice.

Imagine my surprise when the first sip tasted exactly like, you guessed it, apple juice. Well, to be fair, more like a tangy cider. It makes me wonder what crazy shenanigans are going on over at the Pyramid Brewery. If you guys also make hard cider, I think you might have accidentally switched vats. I also tasted a few spice notes which made it feel a lot like a holiday cider. The mouthfeel is light, smooth and very easy drinking. There is no hop profile to be found anywhere in the beer. I bet you can't guess what the finish felt like. I'll give you a hint. It involves apples in a juice like state.

Overall, Pyramid's Haywire Hefeweizen is a very strange beverage. I actually wish I could rate it as a cider, because in that realm it's pretty tasty. Even my cider-loving, beer-hating wife found it delightfully drinkable. Consequently, I have to ding it as a hefeweizen because there's very little hefe about it. On the flip side, novices will really enjoy this beer. It's a smooth easy drinker that is also a great summer thirst quencher. But, I wouldn't regard it as a bridge to better beer. If you're looking for a good wheat, there are much better ones to choose from.

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Haywire Hefeweizen by Pyramid Breweries Inc.
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