Brewer Bytes with Big Boss Brewing Co.
An Interview with Bobby McInerny, Brewer
Posted on 1/2/2014 by Chops
Opening a new brewery in a craft beer dense region like the Triangle area of North Carolina is a bit like establishing a new vineyard in Napa Valley. The hill is already a steep one to climb, so best to take baby steps... unless of course your name is Geoff Lamb or Brewmaster Brad Wynn. Back in 2006, they opened a brewery in the heart of Raleigh and had the stones to call it Big Boss. With confidence as a core ingredient, they have been turning heads ever since with regional staples like the Hell's Belle Belgian and Bad Penny Brown. BrewChief recently caught up with Big Boss Brewer Bobby McInerny, who happily agreed to thrown down some Brewer Bytes.

What inspired you to get into brewing?

The love of craft beer. I can remember back in the day browsing the craft section at the grocery store looking for something new and exciting! Shortly after I began home brewing!

What is your favorite beer or style to brew?

My favorite beer/style to brew would have to be pale ales and IPAs. The more hops the better!

What is the best thing about being part of the beer industry?

This may not be the best thing about the industry but a great one none the less... the comradery. Everyone for the most part is in this industry for the same reason, to make great tasting beer! The free beer is a nice perk as well!

What are your favorite beer styles?

My favorite styles again are pale ales and IPAs. I also enjoy stouts and porters. Mainly session beers though. I do occasionally enjoy a complex Belgian ale.

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a cold pint?

In Raleigh I enjoy going to The Busy Bee and The Raleigh Times. I mostly frequent the Big Boss tavern.

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Bobby McInerny, Big Boss Brewer
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