World Beer Festival (2011)
An Outing in Durham, North Carolina
Posted on 10/8/2011 by Chops
The 2011 World Beer Festival in Durham, NC has drawn to a close and the BrewChief founders are officially into recovery mode. Zack and Greg spent 10 straight hours sampling everything that the craft beer world has to offer. The event was smooth sailing from start to finish and props definitely need to be paid to the event's host: All About Beer Magazine. Strong work everyone, another job well done.

We decided early on that BrewChief was going to recognize the top three beers at the festival, and here are your winners:

1) Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.'s Imperial Creme Brulee Java Stout

In a word: epic. This was hands down the best beer of the festival and one of the best beers we have had in quite a while. We visited the Kuhnhenn booth at least 5 times during the festival. We could not get enough of this delicious nectar. And seeing as how Kuhnhenn doesn't bottle, we are now insanely jealous of those fine folks in Warren, MI.

2) Bull City Burger and Brewery's Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye Ale

Seth and Luke over at the Bull City Burger and Brewery are putting out some fantastic brews, but all of them take a backseat to Pigmeat. This beer is superb and I consider myself very fortunate to live just down the road. As long as this beauty is on tap, I'll be sitting at the bar.

3) Thomas Creek Brewery's Banana Split Chocolate Stout

This beer was very popular and didn't last long. It was tapped out within the first hour. Consequently, we hovered around the Thomas Creek booth before the second session in order to get our hands on this lovely brew. Wow, we definitely found out what all the fuss was about. Delicious!

So this concludes BrewChief's World Beer Festival experience in Durham, NC. We greatly enjoyed ourselves, met a lot of awesome people and will be looking forward to next year.

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