BrewChief Does Manchester
An Outing in Manchester, United Kingdom
Posted on 11/7/2013 by Chops
BrewChief's Manchester tour has officially gone down as one of the most extraordinary experiences to date. Not only does Manchester have a surprisingly rich craft beer scene, it is also ingrained in one of the most passionate sports cultures on the planet. It all culminated in moments that this particular beer fan will never forget.

The Marble Arch / Marble Beers (Click Here)

My first stop was at The Marble Arch in the northern part of the city. This inn is home to Marble Beers, one of the city's most popular craft breweries. Couple old school English taps with exciting new craft beer styles and you get one hell of an awesome experience. And of course, why not order some haggis off the pub menu. I did, and it paired surprisingly well with Marble's Farmhouse IPA. It didn't take long to make new friends (a hearty cheers to you orchestra chaps), plus the staff was super friendly and accommodating. This all on top of the authentic look and feel of an old school English pub. It was such a great experience, a must-visit for any craft beer fan.

Port Street Beer House (Click Here)

From there it was onto the Port Street Beer House, another popular destination for local craft beer fans. This tiny pub is located in the Northern Quarter, a creative artsy area full of cafes and record shops. The clientele is as you would expect, mostly hipster types and aspiring youngsters who have both beer sense and fashion sense. The conversation is loud, space is limited, and the beer selection is off the hook, making it a favorite watering hole for adventurous palates.

BrewDog Manchester (Click Here)

For any craft beer fan visiting the area, the BrewDog Manchester pub is almost certainly at the top of the list. What else can be said about the dynamic Scottish duo who brew crazy beers for crazy beer fans. The original BrewDog pub started near their main brewery up in Aberdeen, Scotland. From there they expanded south, opening pubs all around the UK. The Manchester pub features all of their popular brews (like Punk IPA), many rarities (like Tactical Nuclear Penguin), and a generous selection of friend brewers (like Oskar Blues). It's a fantastic experience for any craft beer fan and I highly recommend it.

The Arkles & Liverpool FC (Click Here)

Rounding out the trip were visits to several famous Premier League football stadiums. I first headed west to Liverpool where I got to enjoy the lively pre-match atmosphere of The Arkles, a popular pub just outside of Anfield. As a United supporter, I had to temporarily disguise myself in a Liverpool scarf to safely mingle with the enemy (blasphemous, I know). But, we were all drinking great beer, so maybe peace is possible. Liverpool demolished Fulham that day, so thankfully everyone was in a good mood.

Old Trafford & Manchester United FC (Click Here)

I finished the trip with a visit to Old Trafford, home to the world famous Manchester United FC. On match day, United fans descend in mass onto The Bishop Blaize, a fan-favorite pub outside of the stadium. After several unsuccessful infiltration attempts, I ended up at the 100 Club, a private pub inside the stadium itself. It was the perfect place to enjoy several pre-match Boddingtons Pub Ales, a local favorite. United earned a crucial win over Arsenal that day, which of course meant several post-match Boddingtons as well. Glory glory Man United!

Overall, BrewChief's trip to Manchester was an unforgettable experience. I had the time of my life and I cannot wait to return for another visit. The combination of great beer and great sports is second to none and I cannot recommend it enough to fans in either camp.

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