Claiming Victory for the Golden Monkey
A Review of Golden Monkey by Victory Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/17/2011 by Chops
I have reached a point in my brew erudition where I view only a handful of breweries as ''can do no wrong'' majestic nectar factories. The Victory Brewing Company is one of those rare breweries. Every brew they produce sits atop an expected level of impeccable quality. I can walk into any craft brew establishment, order a dealer's choice Victory product and know that my taste buds will be sated.

Victory's Golden Monkey is in a class all its own, yet remains true to its core Belgian Tripel style. If there was such a thing as a summertime Belgian, this would be it. In the glass, this brew takes on a lovely golden sunny coloration. It is also crystal clear with no visible sediment, i.e. filtered. On the nose, this beer offers some sweet malty aromas interlaced with those familiar Belgian yeasts. There are also a lot of sweet fruity notes swirling around, giving this beer a very welcoming aroma.

I'd say that Golden Monkey's hook is definitely the mouthfeel. It's very smooth and tangy like a good Tripel should be, but it also has a light and airy quality, providing a high level of drinkability for a 9.5% Belgian. This is one of the very few high gravity Belgians that you could view as a session beer. Granted, those sessions should be slow and steady, but session worthy nonetheless. All of those great Tripel flavors make appearances throughout this beer from spicy breads to sweet malts with an herbal flare. The finish offers a lengthy doughy aftertaste that is simply delightful.

Overall, Victory's Golden Monkey is a fabulous beer, both as a core Tripel and as a bold interpretation. I can actually recommend this beer to any level of beer drinker. Novices will find this beer as a great, highly drinkable intro into higher gravity Belgians. Seasoned drinkers will find this beer as a delightful variation of the Tripel style. Once again, hats off to Victory Brewing Co. You continue to impress with your delicious arsenal of brews.

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Golden Monkey by Victory Brewing Co.
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