Knowing your role is half the battle
A Review of Shotgun Betty by LoneRider Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/24/2011 by Chops
Regardless of quality, there are always props to be given for beers that know their role. In the case of hefeweizens, their role is a simple one: be a flavorful, easy drinking thirst quencher. Sounds like an obvious statement, but the truth is that very few beer styles actually fit into this role. How many easy drinking IPAs or Belgians do you know? How many flavorful lagers or pilsners can you name? How many stouts or porters would you regard as thirst quenchers? Every style serves a purpose, and LoneRider Brewing Co. adhered to this principle when they crafted their Shotgun Betty hefeweizen.

In the glass, this beer takes on a hazy, sunny yellow coloration. It's pretty typical for the unfiltered hefeweizen style and is always quite inviting. On the nose, this beer offers an array of sweet and tropical smells, namely bold citrus, sweet bananas and some lovely spice notes. It's a very straight forward hefeweizen that properly prepares you for the first sip.

Due to the wonderful introduction, the taste offers up some simple, carefree enjoyment. The first flavor to emerge is that yummy citrus, which takes root as the dominant flavor throughout. The spice notes amplify the tangy qualities of the citrus, giving it a very tropical flavor train. I could also pick out some very specific flavor notes such as orange rind and ripe banana. There is a zest to the smooth mouthfeel which I feel adds a lovely character to the style. The spiciness carries over into the finish, providing for a delightful aftertaste.

Overall, Shotgun Betty is a very nice hefeweizen with a zesty character. As I noted in the beginning, this beer stays true to principle as a flavorful, easy drinking thirst quencher. You can happily enjoy round after round and never grow tired of the flavor. I can recommend this beer to any level of beer fan. Novices will find it a wonderful insight into what quality lighter beers can be. Seasoned drinkers will enjoy it as a light and flavorful brew that is perfectly suited for the front porch. While Shotgun Betty may not be a world class hefeweizen, it's certainly a local delight.

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Shotgun Betty by LoneRider Brewing Co.
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