A decent amber with a peppy personality
A Review of Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale by Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
Posted on 8/7/2011 by Chops
Time to show a little local love. The Duck-Rabbit Brewery is located just east of me in a small town called Farmville, NC. This brewery is a great example of the proud local spirit. Are their brews world class? Certainly not. Are they tasty and thoroughly enjoyed by the local community? Absolutely. Duck-Rabbit brews are readily available in the surrounding areas and it's not uncommon to see that funky little duck-rabbit mascot in the hands of locals.

Today I am enjoying the Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale. It has a darker, slightly hazy copper coloration and a classic semi-sweet malt aroma with a few fruity notes. So far, it's just a straight up no-frills amber. The hook of this beer is definitely the mouthfeel, which resembles more of a cream ale than an amber. It's very easy drinking and quite refreshing. The taste has some unique caramel and roasted qualities to it, which is a neat interpretation.

Overall, the Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale is a pretty decent amber. It won't knock your socks off, but I doubt that's the goal. It's one of the few craft beers that I would view as a bottle-in-hand brew. It's always a good idea to pour a beer into a clear vessel to inspect it, but in this case it's not really necessary. Just enjoy it for what it is: a decent amber with a peppy personality. It's the beer you want in your hands when you are flipping burgers on the grill.

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Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale by Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
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