The Coffee Equivalent of a Thoroughbred
A Review of Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee
Posted on 3/1/2016 by Chops
Kona coffee as a whole has consistently blown my mind as the most delectable java to ever touch my lips. And once I started comparing Konas to other Konas, it left me in quite a mental fog. Not a complaint by any means, but trying to decide between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini is a near impossible decision. The standard criteria of quality and reliability go out the door. What you are left with is a wholly subjective analysis of awesome. And I'm here to tell you, in the wonderful world of Kona, few plantations have matched Blue Horse.

Blue Horse is a small family-owned plantation that is home to a crop of century-old coffee trees. They pride themselves on hand-picking ripe beans from shade-grown plants, and boy does it show. The roasted beans are perfect. No underdeveloped fruits, no underlying bitterness, no obvious charring, just the best beans from the best fruits in the best region. With that kind of attention to quality, it's no wonder this Kona version stands above the rest.

Due to the plantation's reputation for quality, I took extra care in preparing my brews. I used filtered water 30 seconds off the boil, steeped for four minutes, and filtered through a fine-mesh strainer. The results, as suspected, were glorious.

If I had to use a single word to describe this coffee, it would be "clean." There wasn't a hint of bitterness to be found, even with some chunky sediment (a byproduct of fine-mesh straining). Each flavor was clearly defined and prominent in their own rights. I found succulent milk chocolate, a rich nutty roast, and a strong caramel sweetness. Every note played very well together and nothing overstayed its welcome. In other words, the balance was impeccable. I imagine this is due to a lighter body for a medium roast, making the coffee silky smooth and broadly accessible.

Overall, I found the Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee to be a perfect cup of Joe. From the second I opened the bag and took my first whiff, I knew that I had found something special. Every aspect is endlessly satisfying, from the raw bean smell to the finished product. Needless to say, this brew has jumped to the top of my reorder list. You can view Blue Horse as the coffee equivalent of a thoroughbred.

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Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee
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