Seattle's Not-So-Best
A Review of Seattle's Best Signature Blend No 3
Posted on 3/9/2016 by Chops
When most consumers think of Seattle-themed coffee, only one name comes to mind: Starbucks. And for those who have further explored the Pacific Northwest coffee scene, another name often arises: Seattle's Best. But alas, most people don't realize that Seattle's Best is a wholly owned subsidiary of Starbucks. And like many popular coffee brands, it started off as a respectable small business before being swallowed by a corporate behemoth.

Seattle's Best's humble beginnings start way back in 1970 on the Vashon Island southwest of Seattle, Washington. It originated as a combo ice cream and coffee shop called the Wet Whisker. The tiny establishment enjoyed a great deal of local popularity, due in part to their tasty coffee. But then it got sold to a bigger company. Then again, and again, before finally ending up under the Starbucks umbrella. Now you can find it in the Philippines. Hell, even Burger King has it on their menu.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Seattle's Best follows the Starbucks model, just under a different name and packaging. It pushes the same bulk beans through the same generic processing, providing the consumer market with a step up from Folgers. And in that sense, it's an unoffensive cup of Joe.

I recently acquired a bag of the Seattle's Best Signature Blend No 3. One thing I noticed about Seattle's Best is that their coffees come with strategically generic descriptions. Their website describes ALL of their coffees as having "roasty, nutty flavors." You know, like all coffee ever in the history of ever. And then there are the over-utilized throw backs like "well-rounded" and "balanced," two things I disagree with entirely. It just tasted like generic coffee, complete with noticeable acidity and a chalky mouthfeel.

Overall, I would denote Seattle's Best as the best of the worst. The coffee isn't bad, it's just not good. But as a no-thinker drinker, it works. I imagine myself on a long stretch of highway devoid of civilization. The clock strikes midnight and I still have two more hours to drive. I need some coffee to keep me going. At that moment, a light appears on the horizon. It gets closer, and closer, and then presents itself... a Burger King. At that moment, Seattle's Best tastes pretty damn good.

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Seattle's Best Signature Blend No 3
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