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A Review of Burundi Mutambu Station by Chainring Coffee Roasters
Posted on 3/23/2016 by Chops
I recently had the distinct pleasure of visiting Durango, Colorado, where I gleefully explored a vibrant coffee and craft beer scene. Whenever I explore a new region, I make it a point to seek out local gems. After all, there's no point in visiting a new place without experiencing what the new place has to offer. So, after a little bit of pre-trip research, I discovered a tiny coffee roaster called Chainring, owned and operated by Duffy Brook.

He describes his operation as such: We roast for sweetness, and for happiness. We roast for the amazing flavors and inherent qualities of the coffees we painstakingly source. We care about the people who grow, harvest, and process the coffee we buy, and will always make an effort to buy our coffee via Fair Trade, Direct Trade and Farm Gate pricing.

Going into a tasting session with Duffy, I had lofty expectations. We had a delightful conversation about coffee and biking (the name is Chainring after all), while sampling an array of his delicious roasts, from Costa Rica Cerro San Luis to Brazil Cerrado. The session was fantastic and I cannot thank Duffy enough for his vast knowledge and candor. I went home with several bags of roast-to-order beans, including the Burundi Mutambu Station.

For the geographically challenged, Burundi is a land-locked country in the heart of Africa, just south of Rwanda. The Mutambu area of Bujumbura Province produces a unique varietal of Bourbon coffee, known for its spicy and fruity characters. The taste is generally clean, easy on the palate, and broadly appealing.

At home, I prepared the Chainring roast using filtered water 30 seconds off the boil. After steeping for 4 minutes, I filtered through a fine mesh strainer. From smell to taste, this brew radiated an unusually pleasant personality. The flavor bounced back and forth from a mild grassy sweetness to a full-on citrus tartness. The fruity notes stood out as a prominent base layer, taking the form of red grapes to my palate. The roast itself was clean and airy with a moderate strength, creating a very pleasant cup with a equally satisfying finish. The non-assertive tone made this roast a fantastic all-day beverage.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Chainring's Burundi Mutambu Station roast. Its pleasant flavors and broad appeal make it a win for any and all coffee fans. This is a prime example of how medium roasts unleash maximum flavor potential. With so many sweet and delicate notes, I cannot imagine this varietal getting a French roast treatment. It would destroy everything that makes this coffee uniquely gratifying.

With all that said, I tip my drinking hat to Duffy Brook and his delicious Chainring roasts. Our tasting session was a highlight of my Durango trip and look forward to a return visit. You keep roasting and I'll keep drinking. Cheers!

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Burundi Mutambu Station by Chainring Coffee Roasters
Bikes, brews, and African flare
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