Greeting a Southwest Morning
A Review of Southwest Morning by Desert Sun Coffee Roasters
Posted on 3/29/2016 by Chops
When I first moved to the Land of Enchantment a few years ago, I already knew that the area had a thriving craft beer scene. The Southwestern states offer some of the most unique and delicious brews in the country. Little did I know that I was also gaining and equally rich coffee scene. Pinon roasters and a slew of others peppered the landscape, giving coffee lovers a seemingly endless variety of quality Joe.

Just a short drive away is the tiny mountain town of Durango, Colorado. Arguably best known for Ska Brewing, the area is also home to some amazing coffee roasters. Desert Sun is a popular local staple. They offer a large selection of specialty roasts, everything from African to Central American varietals. The outfit started off as a small roastery and quickly gained in popularity. Now their organic, fair trade roasts can be found all over the country.

I stopped by the roastery and met some of the crew, including a chap named Riley (Sales & Marketing) who made me perhaps the best cappuccino I have ever had in my life. After a lovely conversation about the current state of coffee in the world, I went home with a few bags of their whole beans, including their most popular blend: Southwest Morning.

At home, I prepared my cup using filtered water 30 seconds off the boil. I used the pour-over method through a stainless steel cone dripper (fine mesh, no filter). The resulting cup was bright and vibrant with a lovely nutty aroma. Flavor wise, the brew offered a nice combination of savory fruits and roasted nuts, namely almonds. The fruit notes played second fiddle for the most part, taking the form of dates to my palate. It drank smooth and clean with negligible amounts of acidity and bitterness. Now I know why they call this brew the "crowd-pleaser."

Overall, I really enjoyed the Southwest Morning blend from Desert Sun Coffee Roasters. Its pleasant flavors and broad appeal makes it a win for any and all coffee drinkers. My wife, who favors coffee she doesn't have to think too much about (her morning go-juice), adored this blend specifically for that reason. It's a nice punch of quality without having to dissect a swath of complexity.

I extend my thanks to Desert Sun Coffee Roasters for making my Durango trip beyond worthwhile. I enjoyed hanging with some of the crew, all of whom were cordial and enthusiastic. I look forward to a return visit, and in the meantime, I will continue sampling my way through Desert Sun's impressive line of quality roasts.

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Southwest Morning by Desert Sun Coffee Roasters
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