Big Flavors and Long Sessions
A Review of Hoppyum IPA by Foothills Brewing Co.
Posted on 8/13/2011 by Chops
There are times when I feel bad for the Hoppyum IPA. This beer is crafted by Foothills, the same brewery that bestows upon beer fans the Seeing Double IPA, which is in this beer fan's opinion, the greatest Imperial IPA on the damn planet. So whenever I get my hands on a Hoppyum, I have a tendency to gloss over its awesomeness simply because its big brother is such a relentless badass. It's nothing personal, I just can't help it. Even if you happen to be a very successful brain surgeon, you're always going to live in the shadow of your astronaut sibling. I still love you Hoppyum, even if you don't fly the space shuttle.

In the glass, Hoppyum has a lovely honey coloration with a very slight haze. I should note that the lighting in my helpful pic makes it look a lot darker than it is. Just imagine a lighter honey-like hue. The aroma is more floral than bitter, which I find myself gravitating to more and more with IPAs. I found plenty of earthy piney notes as well as that signature citrus blanket. There's also a sweet malty smell that gives the beer a very attractive character.

The first sip actually mimics the aroma quite well. You can taste a lot of earthy flavors like pine and grass. The beer's hop profile is nicely balanced and comes across as more tangy than bitter. The body sits firmly in the middle ground with a crisp and clean mouthfeel. The sweet malty character is also present, taking the form of peppery caramel to my palate. It's a very pleasant taste and never loses its muster during the session. The beer has a dry needing finish and exits with a long lasting piney bitter aftertaste.

Overall, the Foothills Hoppyum IPA is a damn fine brew. Among the plethora of IPAs that plague the craft beer market, Hoppyum is one of the few standard versions that bubble to the surface. It's a very reliable option for hop heads as well as a fantastic flavor punch for novices. I have often said that if you don't like the Hoppyum IPA, then you can rest assured that you just don't like IPAs. For me, Hoppyum is my ideal banter brew. It's one of those delicious beers that you never grow tired of seeing in your pint glass. While I'm partial to the Foothills Seeing Double IPA, there are only so many of those I can enjoy in a sitting. Hoppyum comes to the rescue with big flavors and long sessions.

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Hoppyum IPA by Foothills Brewing Co.
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