A noble weapon in the fight for better beer
A Review of Prima Pils by Victory Brewing Co.
Posted on 8/15/2011 by Chops
Beer enthusiasts at their cores are explorers. There is no beer unworthy of trying and we actively seek out beers that challenge our preferred tastes. That being said, it saddens me that the lager and pilsner market has been overrun with pure garbage. I'm more than happy to try any new beer, but after the 100th mass-produced insipid pilsner that tastes exactly like the previous 99, you tend to get a little discouraged. Unfortunately, the lager and pilsner styles have been hijacked by the corporate bottom line, effectively killing off any recognition of the style. But when you do find that rare diamond in the rough, a true beer fan has an obligation to shine a spotlight on it. Today, my spotlight shines on Victory's Prima Pils. This, my beer loving friends, is what a pilsner should taste like.

In the glass, this beer has that classic straw coloration, but with a deeper hue that resembles apple juice. When pilsners are done right, they should actually have a slight thickness and a depth to their look. It adds so much to the visual appeal. But unfortunately, most pilsners resemble thin, diluted urine. Victory got it right and this beer has a great first impression. There is very little aroma to this beer, which I very much prefer in a pilsner. Bad examples tend to have a mineral type smell that comes across as polluted. This beer's aroma is very thin, very clean and gives off a warmed hop note. I also found a few earthy smells, namely lemongrass.

The first sip completely won me over. The hop bite is very crisp and tangy without being distracting. It seems to reside in the middle ground between pilsner and pale ale. To my delight, I found no metallic presence common with crap pilsners, which I can't thank Victory enough for. I always dread the first sip of a pilsner because the second I taste that nasty rusty flavor, I'll pour the beer down the drain. Prima Pils has the perfect body for a pilsner, not too weak to feel watered down and not too thick to be mistaken for a heavier style. It's very drinkable and delightfully thirst quenching. The finish is also very clean and offers a lightly bitter aftertaste that doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Overall, Victory's Prima Pils is a perfect example of the pilsner style. It's one of the very few pilsners that I would happily keep stocked in my refrigerator. When they are done right, quality pilsners can fit into any environment. They are equally perfect for tailgating as they are for fine dining. I would happily enjoy a Prima Pils with a backyard burger as I would with a suit-and-tie filet mignon. I can recommend this beer to any level of beer fan. Novices especially will find Prima Pils to be a revelation beer. It's a Miller Killer. So thank you, Victory. You have crafted a noble weapon in the fight for better beer.

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Prima Pils by Victory Brewing Co.
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