Big flavor without the throat punch
A Review of Juggernaut Red Ale by Pyramid Breweries Inc.
Posted on 8/21/2011 by Chops
Whenever I come across Pyramid Brewery, I always think of the time I lived in Seattle. Pyramid is based out of Seattle and can be found all over the Pacific Northwest. It's so common in fact that you can find the majority of their product line in practically every grocery and convenience store you come across. That is some serious microbrew infiltration that I would love to see happen in the rest of the country. You have to admire that level of persistence.

Today I enjoy Pyramid's Juggernaut Red Ale, their fall seasonal brew. In the glass, this beer takes on a deep mahogany color. It seems much lighter in my helpful pic because I wanted to place it in the sunlight to capture all those great red hues. The beer is crystal clear and devoid of sediment. The initial aroma is pretty standard for a quality amber and is complimented by a few spicy notes. But after a few whiffs, the sweet malt smell takes on an unexpected roasted quality that is very similar to a porter. It's a very interesting aroma, certainly not bad by any means, but definitely peaks your curiosity.

The first taste immediately highlights those sweet malts and spicy notes. The roasted flavor rears its head after a few sips and turns the mouthfeel slightly chalky. The first half of Juggernaut floats back and forth between bold amber and muted porter. The last half warms into a nicely balanced spicy amber. I definitely enjoyed the last half of the beer better, but they were both quite tasty. I'd say the only downside to this beer is the finish, which can be aggressively bitter and somewhat gritty. It definitely goes out with a bang.

Overall, Pyramid's Juggernaut Red Ale is a savory amber with a bold presence. It has a considerably larger flavor punch than your average amber, which I find quite appealing. I wouldn't call it a session amber, but definitely something you would treat yourself to. Juggernaut is one of the very few amber ales that might be too aggressive for beginners, but every other level of beer drinker should find it enjoyable and delicious. It's the kind of beer you reach for when you want big flavor without the throat punch.

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Juggernaut Red Ale by Pyramid Breweries Inc.
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