A rock solid and trustworthy anchor
A Review of Bell's Amber Ale by Bell's Brewery, Inc.
Posted on 11/18/2011 by Chops
When it comes to beer appreciation, brew fans have come to embrace a few unwritten rules. One of which is: Bell's Brewery is amazingly reliable. If you ever want to experience a good example of a particular beer style, go with the Bell's version first. If nothing else, it will establish a solid baseline of comparison. Today I finally get a chance to review their flagship, the Bell's Amber Ale.

In the glass, this beer has a rich amber coloration that is slightly darker than average, almost like a burnt orange. I always prefer this in an amber because I think it gives the beer a stronger and spicier appearance. On the nose, I get the expected sweet malty notes along with several toasted qualities and some citrus zing. Very nice introduction.

The first sip teaches you one very important lesson: this isn't your mama's amber. The sweet malts transform into caramel characters complete with a toasted bread-like character. The hop profile makes its presence known quick and is immediately followed by some floral citrus and a few spice notes. For an amber, it has a very complex flavor train. The hops reside more up front while the malty notes smooth out the middle ground. The finish is very crisp and disappears in a flash, leaving no lasting bitterness.

Overall, the Bell's Amber Ale is a fantastic example of the amber style. I can recommend this brew to any level of beer fan. Seasoned drinkers will find the Bell's Amber Ale to be a delicious stylistic achievement. Novices will find it to be a revelation beer. It has a rich flavor punch and a well balanced hop sting, making it the perfect bridge to better beer. I completely understand why this brew is Bell's flagship. It's a rock solid and trustworthy anchor. And to anyone enjoying this beer as an introduction to Bell's Brewery, I leave you with this: it only gets better from here. Go forth and conquer!

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Bell's Amber Ale by Bell's Brewery, Inc.
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