Searching for Diamonds in the Rough
A Review of Brooklyn Pilsner by Brooklyn Brewery
Posted on 9/30/2011 by Chops
Considering the glut of mass produced trash pilsners that overwhelm the brew market, it's really hard for craft breweries to create a version that stands out. I have long thought that a brewery's true character lies in their lighter beer styles. Pilsners and lagers are common, cheap and relatively easy to make. So if a brewery doesn't care enough to hone even the simplest of beer styles, that lack of passion can usually be tasted throughout their product line. Luckily that's not the case with the Brooklyn Brewery. Their pilsner deserves to be recognized.

In the glass, Brooklyn Pilsner takes on that standard straw coloration with a slightly darker shade than average. The aroma is usually the tell tale sign of a good or bad pilsner. If it smells like a rusty lead pipe, it's wrong. But if it smells like a rich and floral bouquet of crisp hops, then you have a winner. Brooklyn is firmly on the winner side and adds hints of butter and lemon to the mix. This beer has a delightful intro.

The first trait you notice with the first sip is the mouthfeel. It has a wonderful body for a pilsner and coats your mouth with buttery goodness. I love when pilsners have big bodies because it adds so much character to the taste. Sadly, most crap pilsners have no body whatsoever and end up resembling beer flavored water. Brooklyn's hop profile is present, but somewhat muted. The beer takes on a more zesty feel rather than bitter, giving it a high level of drinkability. The finish is fairly dry with no lingering aftertaste.

Overall, the Brooklyn Pilsner is a very nice pilsner that I can recommend to any level of beer fan. Seasoned drinkers will find it to be a high quality example of the pilsner style. For novices, it is a wonderful bridge to better beer. So the next time you're at the gas station looking at all those refrigerators full of beer with writable labels, cold indicators and stupid bottle designs, do yourself a favor: make one more stop at the beer store to pick up some Brooklyn Pilsners. You will soon realize that the only part of your hand that should ever reach for an Anheuser-Busch product is your middle finger.

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Brooklyn Pilsner by Brooklyn Brewery
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