Clowning Around With the Circus Boy
A Review of Circus Boy by Magic Hat Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/28/2011 by Chops
Wheat beers are well known for their universal appeal. They are light and easy drinking brews that can be enjoyed by any level of beer fan. They typically have sweet and tropical flavors that are usually favored in the hot summer months. Regardless of their warmer seasonal appeal, many wheat beers are available year round for those days when you want a brew from the more unassuming side of the spectrum. I recently had a craving for one such beer and decided to try Magic Hat's Circus Boy Hefeweizen.

In the glass, this beer has a clear light orange coloration. Wheat beers can range from thick and cloudy to crystal clear depending on a brewery's filtration decisions. When left unfiltered, wheat beers will often gain a bready quality that nicely compliments the sweet citrus notes, so it's not uncommon to find yeasty floaters in wheat beers. Magic Hat decided to filter Circus Boy, which results in it's clean appearance. The aroma is very faint and took a while to get a hold of. I was able to pick out some standard citrus notes and a muted hop presence.

The first sip was pretty interesting and took a few moments to process. Circus Boy is somewhat atypical for a wheat beer and actually comes across more as a good lager. There is a slightly tangy mouthfeel coming from a nicely balanced hop profile. Surprisingly, the taste is more savory than sweet. I was able to pick out a few common wheat notes like banana and light citrus, but they took a backseat to the hops. The finish is mild and leaves a lightly bitter aftertaste.

Overall, Magic Hat's Circus Boy Hefeweizen is an interesting interpretation of the wheat beer style. It drinks much more like a creamy lager than a wheat, so I recommend going into it with an open mind. Novices will find this beer to be a tasty hybrid brew as well as a decent bridge into the wheat style. Fans of wheat beers will find Circus Boy to be quite atypical, but still enjoyable. It's not a great example of the style, but it's not a bad beer. If you are specifically looking for a great wheat, then pass on this brew because there are much better ones on the market. But if you're looking for something light and tasty to quench your thirst, then Circus Boy will do just fine.

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Circus Boy by Magic Hat Brewing Co.
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