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A Review of Loose Cannon by Heavy Seas Beer
Posted on 10/9/2011 by Chops
Heavy Seas Beer out of Baltimore has been putting out some consistently good beers for many years now. While their products may not be world class wonders, the quality is reliable and they certainly rank high on the American craft brew circuit. Heavy Seas is like an old comfortable shirt. It won't win you any beauty pageants, but you wear it because it feels good. I'd say the best of the Heavy Seas product line is the Loose Cannon IPA.

In the glass, Loose Cannon has that standard golden coloration of a good IPA with an unfiltered haziness. It's rare that an IPA ventures outside of the honey-golden territory, so we're on the right track. What I really like about this beer is the aroma. IPAs tend to be overly aggressive on the nose, which can be a turn off. I like my IPAs to have a thinner aroma where you can study the intricacies without the hops pulling out your nose hairs. Loose Cannon has a mild citrusy aroma with a touch of fruitiness that sits just above the glass rim.

Loose Cannon is one of the very few IPAs you will ever find with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. I think it is a wonderful trait for the style and I wish I could find more like this. It allows you to chew on the beer longer and enjoy the hop bitterness without feeling pressured to swallow. Warm citrus is the dominant flavor along with a medium hop profile that stays nicely in check. The hops tend to have a stingy characteristic much like a standard pale ale. The finish is quite clean with a mild alcohol burn on the exit.

Overall, the Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA is a delightful brew that I think stands out in the IPA world. I can recommend this beer to any level of beer fan. It's the perfect IPA for novices to explore without sacrificing quality or getting overrun by bitterness. It has one of the most inviting mouthfeels in the IPA world, so novices should take advantage of it. Seasoned beer drinkers will find Loose Cannon to be a trusty session IPA. So the next time you find yourself at the beer store searching for an evening of hoppy goodness, grab that sixer of Loose Cannon. You can thank me later.

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Loose Cannon by Heavy Seas Beer
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