A Frightening Dragon Slaying Adventure
A Review of Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/4/2011 by Chops
It's not every day that a beer leaves me completely speechless. I was out with a friend recently and we ended up at a late night tavern. Luckily they had a pretty decent craft beer selection, so I thought it was a good time to try something new. I scanned the menu and settled on the New Holland Dragon's Milk Oak Barrel Ale. Sounds interesting, hook a thirst patron up.

Wow. Just, wow. And not in a good way. I can sum this crazy beverage up in a single word: Jäger. Seriously, Jäger. This beer looked, smelled, tasted and felt exactly like a big glass of Jägermeister. And considering the horrid checkered past that my co-founder and I have with Jäger, Dragon's Milk ended up being one of the first beers in a really, really long time that I was not able to finish. I got through about a quarter of it before having to pass it off to my friend. She amazingly muscled through the rest with several awkward facial expressions (stupendous effort by the way), while I ordered the strongest IPA on the menu in an effort to cleanse my palate. I managed to drink enough to take notes, so let's get this review on the road.

In the glass, Dragon's Milk is very dark, but not opaque. It actually has a nice deep ruby red coloration if you can get it to a light source. The aroma about knocked me on my ass. This beer has a thick and pungent boozy smell that slaps you across the face. Once you get used to the boozy character, then a potent licorice smell rears its head. I say again: Jäger. I had to sit back in my chair and mentally prepare for that first sip. It's been a really long time since a beer frightened me. I was dreading that first sip.

Once I built up enough courage, I reluctantly went in for that first taste. Lo and behold, Jäger. The only thing missing on the table was a chilled glass of Red Bull. That boozy licorice hits you like a ton of bricks and completely coats your mouth. The mouthfeel is mercifully thin, so you don't have to choke your way through it. Oddly enough, the finish is very quick and dies suddenly. The licorice flavor lingers for a bit, but the boozy aspects vanish in a flash.

Overall, the New Holland Dragon's Milk Oak Barrel Ale is one of the strangest beers I've had in a very long time. If you are a fan of liquor, specifically Jäger, then this beer is for you. It's almost unfair for me to review this beer because I have been deeply scarred by Jäger. I freely admit that my reaction to this beer might be a bit skewed, so I will do my best to compare it with other oak barrel beers. There is no denying that the boozy character is over the top, so novices should definitely stay away from Dragon's Milk. But for those of you looking for a wild beer adventure, look no further than this brew. It damn near had me in a fetal position under the table.

Even though this brew scared me half to death, I would love to see some other opinions on it. So please regale us with your dragon slaying adventures!

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Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Co.
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