An Endlessly Enjoyable Variation
A Review of West Coast IPA by Green Flash Brewing Co.
Posted on 11/26/2011 by Chops
Reviewing IPAs can get a bit daunting at times because there are so many variations on the market these days. Good IPAs are pretty straight forward beers that don't need a lot of dissection. Bad IPAs tend to get more attention because the flavors that emerge can be quite vexing to describe. So when you find a great IPA that deserves to be recognized, it's almost an unwritten rule for brew enthusiasts to spread the word. I was recently fortunate to come across the West Coast IPA from the Green Flash Brewing Co. Hop heads listen up, we've found another winner.

In the glass, this beer has a dark and thick malty appearance that takes on a muddy orange coloration. Definitely on the darker end of the color spectrum and seems to foreshadow a fuller body. There is a thick rocky head on this beer that lasts for a very long time. The aroma is quite complex and difficult to describe. After several attempts to latch onto a dominant smell, I settled on a malty mishmash. I found the signature citrus and floral hop smells, but it is all wrapped up in a malty cocoon. As odd as the aroma sounds, it's actually quite pleasing and inviting.

The mouthfeel immediately catches your attention on the first sip. It's incredibly smooth and almost silky. For an IPA, it's one of the most rewarding mouthfeels I've ever experienced. The flavor and aroma closely mimic each other. There is a malty backbone that is decorated with floral hops and tangy citrus. The finish is pretty mild with very little bitterness. Some muted hops linger as a light and tangy aftertaste. As the beer warms, the malty sweetness intensifies and helps to soften the bitter notes. In short, this is one seriously drinkable IPA.

Overall, the Green Flash West Coast IPA is a delightfully tasty brew that I can recommend to any level of beer fan. Hop heads will find this beer to be on the sweeter malty side of the spectrum, but will still appreciate it as an endlessly enjoyable variation. Novices especially can benefit from this beer because it allows them to sink their teeth into the IPA style without being assaulted by an aggressive hop profile. It's a great beer to study hop flavor with, so definitely pick some up if you have ever been curious. I was thoroughly impressed with the West Coast IPA and look forward to exploring more Green Flash brews.

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West Coast IPA by Green Flash Brewing Co.
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