Shrug your shoulders and drink it
A Review of 1919 (Choc Beer) by Choc Brewing Co.
Posted on 3/7/2012 by Chops
For a very long time I was a member of several ''beer of the month'' clubs. They are great resources for beginner beer fans who want to further explore the craft beer spectrum. For years I enjoyed my monthly delights and gleefully opened my shipment boxes like a giddy kid at Christmas. But once you gain a certain level of sophistication, these clubs quickly become underwhelming. You begin to realize that they are usually just sending you baseline brews from baseline breweries. What was once a fascinating adventure into the world of better beer had become a monthly box of ''meh''. Don't get me wrong though, these clubs are important tools in the fight for better beer and I highly advise subscribing to one as a beginner. But in honing your palate, you will eventually outgrow the club. I recently opened the last remaining brew left over from one of my final shipments: the 1919 Choc Beer from the Choc Brewing Co.

In the glass, this beer has a hazy sunny coloration and looks a lot like a glass of watery orange juice. It comes with a bright white head that dissipates almost as quickly as it rises. The aroma was a little confusing because it came across as a lager trying to be a wheat. I found some nondescript hop notes and only a few faint hints of citrus. In other words, the beer smells undefined and weak. Not exactly the best introduction.

Unfortunately the appearance and aroma properly represent the taste. I say unfortunately because the beer tastes like a mixture between a bland witbier and a bad lager. The hops have an earthy character and are so imbalanced that they are distracting. Think of it like this: take a standard mass produced lager, remove the hops profile and insert it into a weak witbier. It's just, well, bleh. The mouthfeel is thin, watery and peters out long before you can latch onto anything meaningful. The beer finishes a lot like it looks, as a glass of watered down orange juice.

Overall, the 1919 Choc Beer is a pretty bland and underwhelming wheat beer. There are countless better examples on the market to choose from. To be fair, it's certainly better than the mass-produced garbage wheats like Blue Moon. I would happily drink it in a pinch, but I can't in good conscience recommend it on its own merits. So if you find yourself holding a 1919 Choc Beer and see nothing else better around, just do what any other seasoned beer fan would do: shrug your shoulders and drink it.
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1919 (Choc Beer) by Choc Brewing Co.
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