Longing for a Belgian summer
A Review of Belgian-Style White Ale by Triangle Brewing Co.
Posted on 3/15/2012 by Chops
For those of us beer fans not lucky enough to live in Belgium, there are few more gratifying phrases than ''local Belgian''. I consider myself fortunate to live in the Triangle area of North Carolina, a region that has solidified itself as a highly sought after craft brewery hub. One of my favorite breweries in the area goes by the cleverly sophisticated name of... the Triangle Brewing Co. These guys have been putting out some delicious brews for many years now. But perhaps most importantly, these guys have also been producing many quality Belgians. On a recent trip to my favorite local pub, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Triangle's Belgian-Style White Ale.

In the glass, this beer has a cloudy deep honey coloration. It's pretty dark for a Belgian wheat, but still resides within the appropriate spectrum. It comes with a thin white head that dissipates quickly. This beer is brewed with Triangle's own special blend of organic spices which you can easily detect in the aroma. This beer has a strong orange citrus character with a dusting of what I believe to be an array of warming spices. It provides a stern kick to the Belgian wheat ale style, which I found to be an inviting interpretation.

Much to my surprise, this Belgian-Style White Ale drinks like a malty winter warmer. The mouthfeel is incredibly smooth with only a faint hint of hops. The hop profile is much more discernible at the end of the flavor train, providing a tangy and crisp exit (this is unfortunately where most witbiers fall flat). As with the aroma, the flavor profile consists mainly of a huge citrus character with a peppering of different spices. Along with that signature Belgian yeast flavoring, I was able to pick out some orange peel, coriander, a bit of allspice and some cloves. This beer is rich and complex for a Belgian wheat, so definitely take your time to enjoy it.

Overall, Triangle's Belgian-Style White Ale is a delicious brew that I can happily recommend to any level of beer fan. Its complex and satisfying nature makes it a must have in the summer coolers of seasoned drinkers. On the flip side, its rich flavors and easy drinking nature make it an ideal Belgian bridge beer for novices. This beer has something for everyone, so do yourself a favor and give it a try. I have to give props to the guys at Triangle for willingly competing with the behemoths of the Belgian world. We may be far from Belgium, but Triangle gets us close enough. Cheers fellas!

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Belgian-Style White Ale by Triangle Brewing Co.
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