Hunting hop cones with Mikkeller
A Review of Hoppy Easter by Mikkeller
Posted on 5/6/2012 by Chops
Drinker's fatigue: the point of time where a better beer fan becomes bored of better beer. It's an unfortunate truth of all passionate endeavors. One day complacency is going to get the best of you. You reach a point where you have an intimate understanding of the various beer styles and you find yourself turning to oddball creations in search of that increasingly illusive ''wow'' moment. Luckily for all of us, there is a cure all for this illness. He's the beer equivalent of a self-help guru, a mad scientist, a visionary with a pension for sticking it to the status quo. I am of course speaking of Mikkeller, the mysterious gypsy brewer of Denmark.

Today I review a German Style India Pale Ale. Yes, you read that right. I see those brain wheels turning. See the power of Mikkeller? I haven't even popped the cap and your mind is already trying to grasp the concept. This is of course why brew fans love Mikkeller. He can always be trusted to deliver truly unique experiences. So let's get started with the Hoppy Easter German Style IPA... See? It happened again didn't it? I can see your ears smoking.

In the glass, this beer has a semi-hazy sunny golden coloration. It comes with a rocky white head that likes to stick around for a while. The aroma consists predominantly of a pure ripe citrus note. It's very crisp, very tangy, and combines profiles of both lemon and orange. At this point I would usually start musing on the stylistic interpretation, but there's really nothing to compare it to. I'll just give and enthusiastic thumbs up and dive in for the first taste.

Mmm, it's easy to notice that the flavor profile closely mirrors the aroma. The only notable difference is the aggression. The aroma tends to be more fruity and soft, while the taste tends to be bold and bitter. Although, it's not a relentless bitter, more a pleasing hop taste that is easily tolerable. The hops themselves taste warm, like a slight charring to the lemon and orange citrus. The mouthfeel is smooth, clean and very pleasing for an IPA, which I assume is coming from the German malts and/or yeasts used in the brewing process. The beer finishes with a dry herbal bitterness that is quite rewarding. It should also be noted that the malt profile is almost nonexistent. This beer comes across as more of a pure single hop IPA.

Overall, Mikkeller's Hoppy Easter German Style IPA is a delicious brew that is difficult to describe. It is a stylistic anomaly, but this isn't to say that hop heads wouldn't enjoy it. Of course they would enjoy this brew and will probably love it. As a matter of fact, I can recommend Hoppy Easter to most brew fans, novices included. The 6.6% ABV is easily tolerated, allowing for lengthy enjoyment of the citrus flavorings. The mid-level bitterness may or may not be a factor, but is certainly worth the attempt. Once again, Mikkeller has challenged my preconceived notions of style. He thrives in the world of ''this shouldn't work'' and somehow always manages to fit the pieces together. Cheers my friend, you never cease to amaze me.

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Hoppy Easter by Mikkeller
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