This is why I love Durham
A Review of Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye Ale by Bull City Burger and Brewery
Posted on 5/18/2012 by Chops
Beer names are crucial to the ongoing success of a great beer. You would think that great beers would stand solely on their own tasty merits, and sometimes they do. But like with any other product, marketability matters. My co-founder and I often shower praise on Bull City Burger and Brewery for their fantastic selection of brews. On top of having an arsenal of endlessly enjoyable nectar, they also utilize the beer name equivalents of brain glue. They are always well thought out, highly memorable, and usually tied to local history. So every time you order up a brew at BCBB, you get a cool story to go with your frosty beverage.

My co-founder and I were first introduced to BCBB's Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye Ale at the 2011 World Beer Festival in Durham, NC. It was hands down one of the best beers of the festival. So when BCBB recently released this year's version, BrewChief's pub presence was guaranteed.

Per BCBB: Pigmeat Markham was born in Durham. In the 1960s he was a well-known comedian and considered one of the founding fathers of modern day rap music. Pigmeat appeared at New York's Apollo Theater more than any other act and was known for his song, “Here Come the Judge.”

In the glass, this beer has a rich amber-brown coloration with a ruby red hue that is absolutely gorgeous. It comes with a creamy tan head that likes to stick around for a spell. On the nose, a sweet caramel malty aroma hits you first, followed by a toasted bready layer and a slight candied vibe. Rounding out the mix is a savory smokiness that cocoons the entire aroma profile. Needless to say, it's very easy to lose yourself in this aroma. It's a magnificent introduction.

Luckily for all Pigmeat Markham drinkers, the flavor profile closely matches the aroma. It's an explosion of well-balanced malty smoky goodness. The hops add a pleasant sting without getting in the way of the core flavor notes. They appear in the middle ground and bitter up the finish, but are never assaulting. The exit is rich and sticky, leaving a long lasting smoky malty aftertaste.

Overall, Bull City Burger and Brewery's Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye Ale is an exquisite brew with a delightful character. I can drink this beer all day long (and probably will while it's available). It should also be noted that the smokiness of this beer is perfectly reigned in. It's not uncommon for smoked brews to be a bit pungent and overpowering, but Pigmeat Markham has balanced out the punch very well, resulting in a smoked brew that is approachable by all levels of beer fans.

For me personally, it's really difficult to pick out a favorite BCBB brew. It's like comparing really delicious apples to really delicious oranges. That being said, I do view the Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye Ale as one of BCBB's crown jewels. It's a beer that I can toast and exclaim, ''this is why I love Durham.''

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Pigmeat Markham Smoked Rye Ale by Bull City Burger and Brewery
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