Just What the Beer Doctor Ordered
A Review of Summer Ale by Blue Point Brewing Co.
Posted on 7/21/2012 by Chops
As summertime rolls around, beer fans start scanning the shelves for lighter seasonal brews that are flavorful yet refreshing. They put away their snifter glasses and break out the beach coolers. The choices grow every year and coolers become more and more specialized. There are porch brews, beach brews, tailgating brews, camping brews, etc. One brew I recently discovered that happily fits into all of these coolers is the Blue Point Summer Ale. I recently enjoyed a point of this tasty nectar on a visit to my favorite local pub. It was just what the beer doctor ordered seeing as how the temperature was cresting 100 degrees that day. Ouch.

In the glass, this summery brew has a pure golden coloration. It comes with a frothy white head that dissipates normally. On the nose, I was surprised to find a buttery aroma assert itself as the dominant trait. Resting just underneath were some grassy notes similar in fashion to a good lager. This brew definitely had my curiosity peaked, so I dove right in for that first taste.

I immediately noticed that this beer was amazingly smooth and creamy for a summer ale. No crispness, no tangy notes, just soft and silky. The hop profile is mild and complimentary, adding a touch of sweet citrus to the flavor profile. From there I could taste the savory grassy notes and some faint herbal qualities. The finish is very clean and leaves a sweet buttery aftertaste. It's a delightful summer brew that is really easy to drink. To be honest, this beer drinks more like a standard cream ale than a blonde ale or a pale ale. If I had to put a style designation on it, I would call it a pale-cream hybrid.

Overall, Blue Point's Summer Ale is a worthy addition to any summertime cooler. It's very flavorful, easy to drink, and endlessly refreshing. Consequently, I can happily recommend this brew to any and all beer fans. Seasoned drinkers will enjoy it as a thirst quenching option with memorable flavor. Novices will find it to be a delicious introduction into better beer, showing them once and for all that light and refreshing doesn't have to mean bland and flavorless. I will definitely be adding Blue Point's Summer Ale to my coolers this summer. Whether or not I can keep them stocked remains to be seen.

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Summer Ale by Blue Point Brewing Co.
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