A Solid Brew From a Solid Brewery
A Review of Bell's Porter by Bell's Brewery, Inc.
Posted on 9/28/2012 by Chops
Bell's Brewery out of Galesburg, MI might as well be a craft beer college. Whenever someone asks me about a particular style of beer, I will often just refer them to the Bell's version. I already know that the beer is going to be high quality and well thought out. At the very least, it will serve as a benchmark for further exploration. Bell's core line consists of some of the most solid and reliable brews on the market. Their seasonal line can impress even the most critical of craft beer enthusiasts. So going into the Bell's Porter, I can rest assured knowing that a delicious experience awaits me long before I take opener to cap.

In the glass, this beer has a deep dark brown coloration that is almost black. It comes with a rocky tan head that has great retention. Upon further inspection with a light source, I noticed plenty of yeasty floaters swirling around. On the nose, you are greeted with an amazingly clean roasted malt aroma. It's not harsh or overly complicated, just a pure savory roast. It's a solid intro to what I expect to be a solid porter.

That clean savory roast on the aroma translates into the primary flavor. It's a very pleasant mix of dark chocolates and mellow coffee. It has a mid-level mouthfeel that is quite smooth and easy drinking with minimal grittiness. The finish is slightly dry and chalky in a good way, like you would find with bittersweet chocolate. The beer also smooths out a lot as it warms and gains a cocoa like quality as it nears room temperature, so definitely take your time with it.

The verdict? Just as I anticipated, Bell's Porter is a solid brew from a solid brewery. It's a great baseline example of the porter style with just the right amount of personal flare. Consequently, I can recommend this beer to any and all beer fans. Its smooth and savory nature makes it a fantastic session porter for seasoned beer fans. And at 5.6% ABV, it's also a highly accessible version for novices. So once again I have to tip my drinking hat to the ''can do no wrong'' Bell's Brewery. Maybe one day I will find the mythical mediocre Bell's brew, but it is not today.

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Bell's Porter by Bell's Brewery, Inc.
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