Kicking off the Oktoberfest season in style
A Review of Foothills Oktoberfest by Foothills Brewing Co.
Posted on 9/23/2012 by Chops
Behold, that most magical of beer times is upon us! Yes, it's time for Oktoberfest! Starting around September, breweries from all over the globe start releasing that most delicious of amber lagers, the Oktoberfest (also called a märzen). While the truly amazing versions and accompanied celebrations occur in the heart of German Bavaria, that doesn't prevent breweries in the United States from getting in on the action. On a recent trip to my favorite local diner, I noticed that they had just tapped the Foothills Oktoberfest. Foothills is one of my favorite regional breweries and I could think of no better way to kick off the season.

In the glass, this brew has a deep coppery amber coloration. It comes with creamy tan head that has really good retention. Both the hue and the head were pretty dark for the style, but remained comfortably within the borders. I found the aroma to be surprisingly thin and it took me a few attempts to grasp, but I was eventually able to pick out that signature sweet caramel malt resting atop a toasted bread crust base.

Despite its thicker appearance, this beer's mouthfeel is delightfully smooth with a nice mid-level body. It's actually quite robust for the style, which was an interesting change of pace. The hop profile takes on an earthy tangy feel and provides a very nice balance for the caramel malt flavor. The toasted bread crust remains a solid foundation for the flavor train and I also detected a savory nuttiness in the mix. I found the finish to be a mishmash of tangy, malty and bitter, but in a good way. It creates a lovely aftertaste that sticks with you for a while.

Overall, the Foothills Oktoberfest is a very tasty brew with a bold presence. It's definitely a more robust version of the style, but without sacrificing any of the delectable characters that make these brews so delicious. Consequently, I would recommend this version more to seasoned beer fans who seek more bang from their brews. But, that's not to say that novices can't appreciate the Foothills version. It's certainly accessible for all levels of beer fans, but I would advise going into this brew with bolder expectations. For me, Foothills never disappoints and I couldn't be happier with my Oktoberfest inauguration. Cheers and Happy Oktoberfest!

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Foothills Oktoberfest by Foothills Brewing Co.
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