The Party Pinch Oktoberfest
A Review of Samuel Adams Octoberfest by Boston Beer Co. / Samuel Adams
Posted on 10/2/2012 by Chops
Oktoberfest is in full swing and beer fans across the world are clamoring for that delectable amber lager. Here in the United States, we are sadly disconnected from all of those savory German versions, lest we pay a premium at our local beer stores. But all is well because there are plenty of American breweries that have taken up the cause. Our steins overfloweth and our parties thumpeth thanks to breweries like the Boston Beer Co. Today I sample the Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

In the glass, this beer has that warm rich amber coloration of a good oktoberfest. This version has a reddish tint that reminds me a lot of an Irish Red. It comes with a fluffy tan head that has good retention. On the nose, I detected the sweet candied malty aroma of a standard amber along with the signature toasted bread notes of an oktoberfest. This brew a pretty good intro, so I was expecting a good all around interpretation going into that first sip.

The sweet candied malt reigns supreme as the dominant flavor and tends to overshadow the toasted notes. It still drinks like an oktoberfest, but feels a little off-balanced. The core flavors are pretty straight forward, just caramel notes and toasted bread. The hop profile only appears on the finish as a malt balance and is never a significant presence. The mouthfeel is mid-bodied and decently smooth, making this beer easy to drink. The beer finishes with a mix of sweet malt and mild chalky bitterness.

Overall, the Samuel Adams Octoberfest is a good representation of the oktoberfest style. I wouldn't call it great, but it's certainly not bad. I can recommend it as a good bridge beer into the style. It obviously can't compete with the German versions, but does pretty well by American standards. It's also nice knowing that this beer is available pretty much everywhere. You can find it in any grocery store and in most convenience stores. That alone is enough to recommend it to most beer fans. Grab some on a whim or in a party pinch. It'll do the job just fine.

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Samuel Adams Octoberfest by Boston Beer Co. / Samuel Adams
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