The beer you drink while waiting on beer
A Review of Littlen Horny Session Ale by Bull City Burger and Brewery
Posted on 2/8/2013 by Chops
So what beer do you drink when you are waiting on beer? Bull City Burger and Brewery seems to know the answer to this question, and they call it the Litten Horny Session Ale. This is wee 3.7% baby brew that they craft using the same grain supply for their Youngen Horny Barley Wine. Same grain, same brewing day, same BCBB passion, different beers. So while their beastly Youngen Horny Barley Wine is maturing, they drink its baby brother to heighten anticipation. There's only one problem: Litten Horny is pretty damn tasty too and can steal a bit of thunder from its beefy sibling.

In the glass, this beer has a light golden color that borders on a darker straw. It comes with a frothy white head that dissipates quickly. The aroma is pretty thin, just some pale malty goodness and a faint citrus. This is just a teensy-weensy session ale, so don't expect to get blown away by complexity. By definition, this is a beer you drink without having to think too hard about it.

Not surprisingly, the flavor is very straight forward and easy to grasp. It tastes like a malty blonde ale with a nice hop presence. The hops themselves have little sting and act more like aroma therapy. It's actually pretty nice, kind of the beer equivalent of a light tongue massage. The beer has good basic flavor without being forgettable. The mouthfeel is obviously on the light side, but not so much as to sacrifice any character. The beer finishes crisp and clean, and exits with a pleasant fruity orange aftertaste.

Overall, Bull City Burger and Brewery's Litten Horny Session Ale is a delightful brew with great flavor and a care free attitude. This is a beer I can easily enjoy all day long and never grow tired of. What really strikes me is that even at 3.7%, this beer has so much more of a flavor punch than all those 5% mass produced piss waters. This is the beer I want to hand novices in order to showcase that small lighter beers don't have to be bland and flavorless. Needless to say, I can easily recommend this beer to any and all beer fans, but especially to beginners. Litten Horny is a fantastic educational tool and it should be used as such.

So to all you craft beer loving Durhamites with crap drinking friends, I implore you to partake in the following exchange:

You: ''This is the Litten Horny Session Ale.''
Friend: ''Wow, that's amazing. So much more flavorful than (insert crap beer they still drink from college).''
You: ''I know, right? And it's actually much weaker than the stuff you drink.''
Friend: ''No way!''
You: ''Way! This is why I drink good beer. Even the weak ones have great flavor.''
Friend: ''That is really good to know.''
You: ''Ready to try something else?''
Friend: ''Sure, bring it on.''
You: ''Alrighty then, this one is called the Youngen Horny Barley Wine...''

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Littlen Horny Session Ale by Bull City Burger and Brewery
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