Some beers need mental preparation
A Review of Ten FIDY by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/6/2011 by Chops
Let me paint you a picture. My wife and I just finished a moving day. Few things suck more in life than moving. So after a fun filled day of constant irritation, some form of alcohol was getting into my stomach. Now take a moment and look at the picture I provided. You will see a baking sheet with a few slices of pizza on top of it. No, we didn't bake a pizza. We ordered a pizza because we have no idea where our cooking wares are. The baking sheet was the first thing we found that we could use as a plate. So that's my plate (my wife ended up using a bread pan). Moving had made us late for raid (yes, we're gamer geeks too). So on top of 10 straight hours of moving, it's directly followed by 3 hours of gaming where 25 people need to coordinate on strategic encounters. Awesome. I needed beer. So I went to get beer.

All of my beer is scattered and unorganized in the fridge after the move, so I settled on the strongest thing I could find that was decently cold. It ended up being an Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. For anyone who is familiar the infamous Ten FIDY, you are fully aware that this beer is a full fledged assault on your senses. The aroma stings. Yes, stings. Physically hurts. The appearance is that of engine sludge on a bad day. The mouthfeel is the equivalent of a rabid ferret trying to claw its way through your cheek. The taste is grand and powerful, provided you can get past the ferret. The front end is a swift kick to the chin, while the back end claws it's way down your esophagus. To say this beer is aggressive is to say the Atlantic Ocean is damp (RIP Richard Jeni). But don't get me wrong, Ten FIDY is an absolutely delicious stout and I do love a mean beer.

But some beer you need to mentally prepare for. To properly imbibe a Ten FIDY, you have to pour it into a pint glass and give it a wide berth for a minute or two. You have to observe that black anger swirl around in the glass while you properly reflect on the madness you just got yourself into. You don't drink Ten FIDY. You battle Ten FIDY. You conquer Ten FIDY.

I've conquered my share of Ten FIDY. Each battle is unique, intense, and often bloody. So I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I sat down to drink a Ten FIDY like I would drink a soda. Yes, straight from the can, no prep, no focus. Needless to say, my brain reacted as if I had accidentally snorted a line of habanero extract. Ten FIDY was angry and I was ill prepared for the ass kicking (my head actually violently shook back and forth several times).

So I will leave you with two lessons learned: 1) Good beer always needs proper preparation. Put it in a glass, study it, smell it, taste it, then drink it. In other words, respect the beer. Good beer should never be consumed from its original container, so give it a proper vessel. 2) If you have a friend who enjoys that crap-tastic straight-from-the-can beer, introduce him or her to a Ten FIDY. Just be sure to have a camera ready.

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Ten FIDY by Oskar Blues Brewing Co.
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