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A Review of Iron Throne by Ommegang Brewery
Posted on 4/2/2013 by Chops
Beer geeks at their cores are simply that: geeks. We often share many geeky interests like gadgets and gaming. This beer geek's many non-beer interests include things like astrophysics and online gaming. Every once in a while our interests will collide to form what is commonly known as a ''nerdgasm''. I recently had one when I came across the Iron Throne Belgian Blonde Ale from Brewery Ommegang. This beer married two of my most favorite things in the world: great beer and Game of Thrones.

For anyone needing clarification, Game of Thrones is an HBO series based on author George R. R. Martin's series of epic fantasy novels: A Song of Ice and Fire. Every geek reading this is intimately familiar with the books and/or show. For anyone who is not, I say only this: Game of Thrones is quite possibly the greatest television series ever filmed (and yes, that's including The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, and anything by Joss Whedon).

''Brewery Ommegang and HBO are partnering on a series of beers in support of the critically-acclaimed drama Game of Thrones. Launching in tandem with the season three debut, Iron Throne is the inaugural beer in the series.'' I squeed like a school girl when I first read that blurb. Needless to say, I had my bottle of Iron Throne chilled and ready to accompany my geekfest viewing party for the Season 3 debut this past Sunday. And no worries, I made sure to curb my giddy anticipation when taking notes for this review. But who am I kidding, I would have loved this beer even if it tasted like flat skunky Budweiser. But with ''Ommegang'' stamped on the bottle, that was an impossibility.

In the glass, this beer has a semi-hazy sunny orange coloration. It comes with a big fluffy white head that has really nice retention. On the nose, I found those signature sweet Belgian yeasts along with lemongrass, pale malts, faint herbs and a dusting of spices. It's a solid introduction for what I can only assume is an equally solid brew. Queue the opening credits! (da da dadada da dadada da...)

One sip and the stage was set. Much to my taste buds' delight, the flavor closely matched the aroma. Belgian bread, lemongrass, grainy pale malts, herbs and spices. I also found some orange rind that compliments the mix quite well. The mouthfeel is light yet sticky and quite pleasant. There is a resinous quality that adds a pine-like character to the beer and goes perfectly with its crisp tingly hop profile. The beer finishes crisp and clean with a spicy citrusy aftertaste. The beer also has a delightful warming effect that imparts a buttery smoothness, so definitely take your time with the experience. Game (of Thrones), set, match.

Overall, Brewery Ommegang's Iron Throne Belgian Blonde Ale is a delicious brew that is worthy of Westeros. I greatly enjoyed my nerdgasm and can recommend this brew to all levels of beer fan. Seasoned drinkers will be very pleased with yet another delectable Ommegang creation. Novices can enjoy this brew as a fantastic introduction to the lighter side of big Belgians. Iron Throne has great flavor and high accessibility, so definitely utilize it as such.

As a huge fan of both brewery and show, I couldn't be happier with the experience. I cannot wait for my next round of Iron Throne, which I imagine will occur this Sunday with episode 2. Must stock up for the season. After all... beer geeks are coming.

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Iron Throne by Ommegang Brewery
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