Rising up to the challenge of a rye ale
A Review of Rye of the Tiger by Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Posted on 4/15/2013 by Chops
It's the Rye of the Tiger. It's the thrill of the malt. Rising up to the challenge of a rye ale.

Yes, that just happened. I hope you enjoyed that glorious jaunt back through 80's pop culture. I also hope you enjoy that virulent tune now stuck in your head for the rest of the week. What is that you ask? You want to see some wicked air guitar? Well my friend, pump your fists and drink in the awesome... dun... dun dun dun... dun dun dun... dun dun duuuuuun...

Okay, with that out of my system, we can move onto the Rye of the Tiger IPA. This is yet another delectable creation from the always reliable Great Lakes Brewing Company. You see, it's easy to book a one way trip to humor town because I already know this beer is going to be fantastic. It has ''Great Lakes'' stamped on the bottle, which is pretty much all I need to know. These brewers are simply incapable of making a bad beer. Hell, ''good'' is a four letter word in their nectar factory. Delicious is a baseline.

In the glass, this beer has a clear honey golden coloration. It comes with a frothy white head that has really good retention. On the nose, I found a fruity citrus aroma resting on top of a spicy rye base malt. The notes are restrained, complimentary, and do not assert themselves haphazardly. As a result, you are greeted with a rich and inviting bouquet that has your mouth watering on the first whiff.

The mouthfeel is perhaps my favorite aspect of this beer. It has a light-to-medium body that is moderately aggressive. Combined with a sharp hop profile, it creates what I like to call a ''desirable sipper''. Unlike obligate sippers, you take your time with this beer because you want to, not because you have to. The hops are very flavorful with an earthy citrus punch that carries well through the finish, so you only need a small sip to get the full experience. This beer has a pure IPA taste, a freshness, with a beautiful balance of hop sting and spiciness. The rye malt is prominent and savory, but not demanding of your attention.

Overall, it should come as no surprise that Great Lakes has crafted yet another exquisite brew. As of this review, Rye of the Tiger has become my go-to example of a perfect rye-based IPA. Consequently, I can recommend this beer to any and all beer fans. Seasoned drinkers, especially hop heads, will fall in love with this beer the second lips touch glass. Novices should proceed with caution, which is a general disclaimer for any IPA on the aggressive side of the spectrum. This beer has a well hidden strength at 7.5% ABV, so pace accordingly. And if you have managed to hone your taste for IPAs, then Rye of the Tiger is a wonderful next step. Just be careful when entering the world of Great Lakes. Chances are you will never want to leave.

In closing, you know what needs to be done. Slip on that mothballed Members Only jacket, squeeze into those tight acid wash jeans, mousse up a ridiculous hair style, and crank the volume...

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Rye of the Tiger by Great Lakes Brewing Co.
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