Mash paddles and paint brushes
A Review of Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager by Brooklyn Brewery
Posted on 12/10/2013 by Chops
I would like to take a few moments to reflect on the ''craft'' aspect of craft beer. Beer is a savory art form and today we are experiencing a Renaissance of brewing. Artisans of all kinds have made water, malt, hops and yeast their canvases. And like with any fine art form, brewing takes vast knowledge and a unique talent to create masterpieces. Master brewers like Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery have become the Da Vinci's of the craft beer world. Truly great brewers are the ones who can take an infinite combination of ingredients and methodologies, and combine them in a manner that takes our collective breath away. I know I have cracked many a Brooklyn brew only to be left happily speechless.

Art in the beer world is not limited to the nectar. Many breweries have turned label design over to local artists. Some even utilize famous and renowned artists (think Ralph Steadman and Flying Dog). The combination of great art and great beer marries the senses and creates an overall experience that most products fail to achieve. The Brooklyn Brewery knows this, which is why they tapped four popular local artists to create an array of labels for their Silver Anniversary Lager.

I have already reviewed this beer before and the contents obviously haven't changed. So for a reflection on the beer itself, feel free to reference that review:

Brooklyn Silver Review : Click Here

I recently received another one of these delightful brews with the inking of a different artist. And having already reviewed the contents, I thought it would be fun and interesting to pay tribute to the artists themselves: Fred Tomaselli, Roxy Paine, Joe Amhrein and Elizabeth Crawford. Brooklyn tells their stories like so:

Steve Hindy first met Fred Tomaselli in the early '90s at Kasia's, the Bedford Avenue diner that was the main meeting place for artists living and working in Williamsburg. The brewery was in its second year, and Fred's painting career was just starting. Today, Fred's painting is known all over the world, and so are our beers. Fred's Silver Anniversary label is based on his 2002 painting, Breathing Head.

Joe Amrhein started serving Brooklyn Lager in his Pierogi 2000 gallery in the early '90s, when we moved the brewery to Williamsburg. In addition to documenting Brooklyn's artistic renaissance in his famous ''flat files,'' Joe also has developed his own art. His label depicts his work A Fallability of Perception.

Our first warehouse was in the former Otto Huber Brewery in Bushwick, a forbidding neighborhood in 1988. Our only neighbor in the same 19th Century structure was Roxy Paine, one of Brooklyn's artist pioneers. Today, Roxy's towering stainless steel sculptures are located in many cities around the world. His label is a study for a sculpture called Vertical Sequence.

In 1993, a friend alerted Steve to an exhibit at White Columns in Manhattan by Elizabeth Crawford. She does very fine still life oil paintings of mundane objects, like a pile of clothes, a bottle of dishwashing liquid, a beer bottle. It so happened that she chose Brooklyn Lager for a painting called Sacred and Profane Love. Steve bought the painting, and last year contacted Elizabeth about doing a label for our Silver Anniversary Lager. She agreed, and created Brooklyn World.

You can find all of their Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager labels here:

Click Here

As you can see, art takes many forms in the craft beer world and we have come a very long ways from boring brews and monotone labels. I love that craft breweries have had the foresight to combine various art forms to create a truly unique experience. To them I offer my thanks and cheers. I salute your mash paddles and paint brushes!

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Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager by Brooklyn Brewery
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