A Convenient Truth
A Review of the Truth Imperial IPA by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
Posted on 8/19/2013 by Chops
Albert Einstein once said that ''anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.'' This is what popped into mind when I tried The Truth Imperial IPA, Flying Dog's latest year-round brew. This beer owes its existence to the rectification of a small matter with the brewery's product line: the lack of a standard Imperial IPA. I know, sounds like a joke, but I'm completely serious. Flying Dog is well known for their hop-tastic bombastic brews. And with a line up that includes beers like the Double Dog Double Pale Ale, the Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, and an entire line of Single Hop Imperial IPAs, it's hard to even imagine that the brewery didn't offer a plain and simple Imperial IPA. Well, now they do, and that's The Truth.

Before getting into the review, I have to mention the hot water that Flying Dog found themselves in while promoting this beer's release. Not because I agree with the principle, but rather because it's absurdly funny. Apparently the brewery took out a series of advertisements entitled ''Swallow the Truth'' which poked fun at the insane number of breweries opening up satellite shops in North Carolina. ''The beer was not brewed at our Asheville brewery ... because we don't have one.'' I got a good laugh out of that one, even as a North Carolina resident. But alas, a lot of the state's brewers, beer fans, and establishments got their panties in a bunch. You can read all about the debacle over at the BeerPulse:

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I can see how some would be mildly offended, but c'mon. That was funny. So to any Buzz Killingtons out there, I quote George Carlin: ''calm down, have some dip.'' Anyway, moving on...

In the glass, The Truth has a golden honey-like coloration that is crystal clear. It comes with a frothy white head that likes to stick around for while. On the nose, I was assaulted by a huge piney citrus aroma. Yeah, there's the Flying Dog I know and love. Their brew dogs bark like rabid wolverines, and this beer is no different. I also found some faint tropical notes and a mild alcohol nip, but those piney hops reign supreme.

Surprise surprise, this beer has a very aggressive mouthfeel complete with a sharp hop bite. It's pretty easy to envision for most hop heads. Just think of a needling, dry, piney West Coast style IPA with citrus flare. Despite the harsh dryness, the body remains in the light-to-medium ground and has a noticeable malt profile. Regardless, the hops dominate every aspect of this beer from start to finish. There is little else to focus on. Lots of grapefruit flavor along with tropical notes like mango and pineapple. The beer finishes dry and leaves an insanely long lasting bitter aftertaste.

Overall, The Truth Imperial IPA is a yappy Flying Dog with a powerful bite. It doesn't have the presence of its stronger siblings, but that's kind of the point. This is Flying Dog's attempt to bridge their accessible core line and their tongue-scorching beasts. And a sturdy bridge they most certainly built. The truth is (rimshot) that The Truth possesses all the gnarly aggression that Flying Dog is well known for, but minus the heftiness. Hop heads will definitely be pleased. That being said, I must still caution novices. This beer may be more accessible by comparison (to say a Double Dog), but it still has more than enough aggression to terrify taste buds. Just think of this beer as the bouncer at a boxing match. He might not be as tough as the contenders, but that doesn't mean he can't kick your ass.

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The Truth Imperial IPA by Flying Dog Brewing Co.
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