Let the Festivities Begin
A Review of Great Lakes Oktoberfest by Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Posted on 9/19/2013 by Chops
It's that time of year again beer fans! Yes, that most glorious of beer seasons is upon us. I am of course talking about Oktoberfest. Breweries all over the world are releasing their delicious European Amber Lagers and beer fans will be slugging them down like giddy children looking for Willy Wonka's golden tickets. It's one of the very few times during the year when every level of beer fan can enjoy the quality spoils. These beers are well known for their savory flavors and high accessibility. But while most craft breweries can be trusted to produce tasty versions, I always like to start my season with one of the best. This year I decided to keep it stateside and kick things off with the Great Lakes Oktoberfest.

In the glass, this beer has that classic brown-amber coloration with a slight reddish hue. It comes with a frothy light tan head that has great retention. On the nose, I was greeted with that classic combination of sweet caramel and toasted brown bready malt. This version has a slight herbal flare, which I found to be a nice touch. I couldn't help but grin ear to ear and dive in for that first taste of the season.

Oh yes. Oh hell yes. A glass of toasted awesome with caramel laden kick ass. That is essentially what you are looking for in any great Oktoberfest brew. Savory toasted goodness? Check. Sweet malty goodness? Check. Great Lakes' version is very smooth and very easy to drink, making it a win for all beer fans. The hop profile is present yet restrained and doesn't distract from the other flavors. The beer finishes very clean, a tad dry, and exits with a malty sweet aftertaste.

Overall, the Great Lakes Oktoberfest is a fantastic brew. Shocking, I know. At this point I am running out of awesomeness adjectives that I can use to describe their consistent greatness. This is of course why I chose their version to kick off my Oktoberfest season. I knew this was going to be a great beer before popping the cap. It's an exceedingly rare quality to find in a brewery, which is why Great Lakes remains one of my stateside favorites. Needless to say, I can recommend their Oktoberfest to any and all beer fans. Seasoned drinkers will appreciate the stylistic integrity and novices will be blown away by the savory flavors. So if you wish to kick off the season with style, I recommend picking up some Great Lakes Oktoberfest. Let the festivities begin!

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Great Lakes Oktoberfest by Great Lakes Brewing Co.
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