Doing Battle With History
A Review of Glissade by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Posted on 5/19/2011 by Chops
Going into American-made bocks, I have to prepare myself for disappointment. Just like with any other beer style, once you sample examples from the motherland, everything else pales in comparison. It's a sad reality that I have to deal with as a bock fan. I know that the Germans have been knocking this style out of the ballpark for centuries, so what chance does a brewery like Sierra Nevada have against such a rich brewing history? Well, I decided to find out by ordering up a Glissade Golden Bock.

In the glass, this beer has a warm golden apple juice like coloration. It comes with a sudsy white head that dissipates very quickly. On the nose, this beer smells very grassy and almost wheat like. It comes across as a marriage between a standard lager and weizen. Needless to say, I was scratching my head at this point because there wasn't much maibock about the Glissade Golden Bock. Course, they do call it a ''golden'' bock, which is new to me. I honestly didn't know what to expect from that first sip.

This beer's mouthfeel is very smooth with a lighter body that is easily drinkable. The hop profile is quite muted and doesn't really bring a whole lot to the table. It does add some faint zesty citrus, mostly in the form of lemon rind. There is a freshness to this beer that almost comes across as a harvest ale. There malt profile is a somewhat grainy, which is an odd departure from the standard toasted feel. The beer finishes clean with a lightly bitter aftertaste.

Overall, Sierra Nevada's Glissade Golden Bock is a strange interpretation of the maibock style. It does have some good flavor and it's not offensive at all. It's just an oddball for the style. As a stand alone beer, it's a good choice as a no-thinker drinker. Use them to maintain a session or pick some up if you just want to experience something different. I can't really recommend Glissade to any particular group because its appeal is going to be completely random. Just enjoy it for what it is: a pretty good beer.

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Glissade by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
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