Nothing bitter about this bitter... again
A Review of Legbiter by Strangford Lough Brewing Co.
Posted on 5/22/2011 by Chops
I'm noticing a trend with the Strangford Lough product line. Their specialty is English bitters, but I have yet to have a beer by them that is actually bitter. So one of two things is going on here. Either bitters aren't really supposed to be bitter, or Strangford Lough isn't making true bitters. And considering all of the mouth puckering ESB's I've had before, I am starting to think that Strangford Lough is the Budweiser of English Pale Ales. But unlike Budweiser, these beers are actually pretty tasty.

So here's where the confusion begins with Legbiter. With a name like that, you're expecting it to have some bite, but it doesn't. It actually tastes more like an Irish style amber or a cream ale. It has a very pleasant coloration, a nice deep amber which is pretty common with bitters. The aroma is much sweeter than you would expect. Bitters tend to be more aggressive and hoppy on the nose, so the sweet cinnamon smells really throw you off. The mouthfeel is quite pleasant, medium-bodied and smooth. The hop presence is pretty leveled, so there isn't any aggression to muscle through. It actually leaves a savory aftertaste much like an Irish Red Ale does.

So here's the thing: I can't call this a bad beer. It's actually really pleasant and I'm enjoying the Strangford Lough line. I just have no idea why they call these English Pale Ales (bitters). Maybe there's a different aspect to the style that I'm not privy too, but I'd like to think I know a bitter when I taste it.

Legbiter is a tasty, easy drinking brew. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a decent beer that they don't have to think about. This is a beer to drink on the couch while watching the game. It's a six pack that you bring over to a friend's house to share. I can't call it a great bitter, but it's certainly a decent brew.
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Legbiter by Strangford Lough Brewing Co.
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